Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't you hate it when....

Don't you just hate it when you know more than the nurses?!? UGH! For my next career maybe I should be a nurse at a Fertility Specialist. I started having my usual ovulation symptoms yesterday but the problem is I was only on CD 8! AND of course I was hurting on the left side. So I called the nurse line and I gave her the spill about how they're supposed to catch me before I ovulate so they can stop it and the right side can catch up. She said... I quote "We can't control which side you ovulate on" in her nastiest tone. To which I replied, "Oh yes you can! You just have to catch my follicles between 1.2cm and 1.5cm which is really difficult." She said for me just to come in at my appt time today. I didn't feel like arguing and I figured if I was already having symptoms that I was close to maturity and it was too late. Guess who was right?? I had a 1.9cm this morning on the left as well as two 1.3's. I also had a lonely 1.2 on the right. She was flabbergasted! We're all so frustrated! Why is my body ovulating so early this month? Last month it was Day 16! I'm a whole 8 days early! GRR! Then she said the magic words "Can we try one more cycle?" She said it seems every month we say one more cycle but what she really means is one more cycle on the right side. Since I'm so early we will be able to squeeze in one more cycle before January. January is when we want to do IVF because of John's flex plan. So... one more cycle it is!

It's going to be close with the insurance though. We were told yesterday that we are pretty sure to have a job until Dec 31st. After that they will start laying people off. They want the whole deal done by Jan 31st now! SO - If I get laid off in Jan my insurance will only go through Jan 31st. Uh oh! I won't start IVF until probably the second week in January which means it will be done in February. I'll be switching insurances in the middle of the cycle and I'm not sure if John's insurance covers any of the monitoring. Decisions. Decisions.

I hope this Thursday is working out better for you than it is for me!



  1. Two things - 1) Why can't doctors hire nurses that care and have a clue??! Seriously! How hard could it be?? If I can prepare financial statements, a nurse can surely speak to the doctor about your symptoms within a reasonable time period (so that something can be done about them) OR find a vein in your arm in at least the first 3 attempts...2) This is just preparing you for when you have children - they only get sick at night...and guess who you get to talk to then?? The nurse.
    *Not to offend nurses out there - I've had some WONDERFUL ones (they just seem to be few and far between.

  2. Jamie,
    I have no idea who you are and I'm sure you certainly have no idea who I am. I just discovered a blog that my cousin is doing (her baby boy actually) and somehow got re-routed onto your blog. My cousin is Alissa Armstrong by the way and "The Plum" is her infamous blogger. Perhaps I'm being nosy I just couldn't help but notice your blog about infertility and how much you know about it. I also struggle with infertility and you seem to know a whole lot about it. Much more than I thought I knew. Do you live in the Jackson area and see a specialist here? I went to one but I wasn't very impressed with him. They never found anything "wrong" but after two and a half years we still got no kid. Anyhoozier, I would be interested to know what you know since you seem to know a lot. Or not, I can see how one might think I'm an inferitle blog stalker. That is not in fact the case. Thank you for your time. My name is Paula; by the way.

  3. I'm not sure if you'll come back here to check for a response... I'll just check with Alissa if you don't respond for you email address. We have been trying for about 2 1/2 years too. The first 6 months we just had fun and let things happen. However... things didn't happen. So then I got proactive and I have acquired a lot of knowledge about my body! I live in Birmingham and go to ART. My email address is if you have any questions. I don't know about all issues but I know about a quite a few since I'm afflicted with so many different problems!


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