Monday, November 9, 2009

I almost forgot...

I got my blood results back on Friday from three weeks ago with my rheumatologist. He has downgraded me to "probable lupus" rather than a full blown diagnosis of Lupus! My body is healing itself!! Woop! Woop!

That was the good news however I still have a "moderately positive" for my anticardiolipin count (blood clotting issue). Even with the baby aspirin I'm taking every day. I think this means I'll definitely have to see a hematoligist now. Booo. I'm pretty sure it just means I'll have to take Lovenox injections (blood thinner) every day I'm pregnant until I give birth! That's A LOT of injections! But the downgrade of my Lupus diagnosis outweighs this little bit of bad news by a ton! I know my family and friends have been praying about my lupus for years and now it seems that God may be healing me. Maybe He wanted to work on that miracle before He could start working on my baby miracle.

Happy Monday!

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