Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knock Knock

Guess who arrived at my house bright and early yesterday morning... Mother Nature. I had my baseline appt this morning. I only have one small cyst left over so as long as my blood work is ok I'll be starting one last round of injectables tomorrow. I should get the results this afternoon and will update you then.

Everything else is going great! The tiles are down and I think they're laying the grout today. Yay! I can't wait to have my kitchen back. My fridge is in the dining room!!

John's parents have taken quite a liking to Little Miss Lexi. I thought she may get on their nerves during the day but Mom Z has been taking her for walks so I think she's been pretty content. I know she's going to miss them so much when they leave!

I have the 3rd month of Supper Club tonight so I'm planning to go by for a little while. It's at Heather's this month and she's planning a full Thanksgiving meal! YUM!

Update - They finally called with my results. E2 was 56 and FSH was 13. FSH is a little high but my E2 is so good that it makes up for it a bit. So I start injections tomorrow. She upped my dose to 100iu because I only have three sad little antral follicles on the right but 8 antrals on the left. So I have to get a little more meds to get the right side going. Here's hoping Round 4 of injectables will finally be the month!


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