Monday, November 30, 2009

Poor Tristan

She's always sick! She didn't come over yesterday to decorate the tree because she wasn't feeling well and now she's out of school today. The girl has allergies but won't take her medicine so she ends up getting sick a lot! Her ears hurt and she has a headache so it's probably a sinus infection. John's going to run by to see her tonight and make sure she's ok.

Only two days until I test! I know I ovulated on the wrong side, early and my lining was thin but I can still be hopeful right? Since I had the hcg shot, too my disdain, I can't test early. I would run the risk of a false positive and that would just be HORRIBLE! I can't imagine getting super excited and thinking you're pregnant but you're not. So I'm waiting the recommended amount of time. I am at peace this month even if it's negative because we have a plan. You know how I love a plan.


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