Friday, November 27, 2009

Roll Tide!!

If you haven't visited the great state of Alabama during Iron Bowl week you should...especially the day of Iron Bowl! I jumped up this morning at the crack of dawn to do a little shopping before heading into work. It just so happens that this year Iron Bowl falls on Black Friday so I didn't have to think of what to wear. It's ingrained into you from childhood that this day you will wear your team colors. I got to Target and tried to look at everyone from an outsider's perspective. The parking lot was full of cars with Alabama or Auburn flags! It was amazing to see almost every person wearing red or orange... mostly red :) I, of course, have on my Alabama long sleeve T-shirt. Strangers were passing each other with a nod and a "Roll Tide". It's wonderful to see this day bring so many people together even it is for a less than friendly goal... to beat the mess out of Auburn! The Auburn fans did the same for each other but I don't even speak they're cheer; much less type it. So if you're not from Alabama you'll just have to google that Barn school's cheer or you can say Roll Tide all day with me!


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