Monday, November 16, 2009

Time Flies

These past nine days have flown by! We have to say goodbye to Mom and Dad Z tomorrow morning. Their flight leaves out at 8 am. We have thoroughly enjoyed their visit and hope they will come back soon!

The floor is done and looks great! I took some pictures of it last night and will try to post either tonight or tomorrow. It's amazing how it completed the kitchen!

I'm thinking of my mom today as she is having some tests for her upset tummy. You may remember she was hospitalized not too long ago for it. They never really found out what was wrong so today they're doing an ultrasound on her gallbladder and then putting her under and running a tube down into her stomach.
She and my Dad came by for a little while yesterday. It was nice to see the families get together. They're completely different but somehow it works!

Fertility news - I started injections Friday and will have an appt Thurs to see what's happening in there! Hopefully something on the right!!


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