Thursday, December 3, 2009


Mother Nature showed bright and early this morning so I have my baseline appt scheduled for tomorrow. A nurse called yesterday and said Dr. H wants to retest my ACL (blood clotting) antibodies again. They were moderately positive when my rheumatologist checked them a couple of months ago but she said she wants them done at her lab so she can see a "true" reading. So I'm not looking forward to get blood taken tomorrow but I am super excited about this cycle.

I did not cry this morning or even get upset. My overall emotion was hopeful! I am excited to get this last cycle underway. You see, I never really let myself get up for a cycle. With every bit of good news I let myself go a little higher but I'm always very reserved with my hopefulness. The thought of letting myself go and putting all of my hopes on a cycle is scary. To let yourself get that high and then just come crashing down if it doesn't work is too much pain every month. However, since we're doing IVF next month I am putting all of my eggs in this month's basket. Even if it doesn't work I should be able to recover fairly quickly since I know I'll have the hope from IVF. So please join me in praying, hoping and wishing that this will be THE cycle! I'm going to be flying high this month with optimism and positiveness! I will not let doubts, worries or fear get in my path!


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  1. The Durr household is praying, hoping and wishing with you!


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