Monday, December 21, 2009


I went to see Dr. H to discuss IVF this morning. She agrees that it's time to move forward. I can't keep going through this torture with cysts! I believe one of them is rupturing today b/c I can't even stand up straight it hurts so badly. Hopefully it will go away soon!

She just gave me a timeline and told me exactly what would happen. I wait for my period and then go in on Day 3. I will get a lot of blood work done and they will check for cysts. If I have cysts I will have to take the BCPs until the cysts are gone. That could be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. After the BCPs I start the injections. They will monitor me closely and hope to get me around 10-15 follicles. Depending on egg quality and number she could freeze some for later. Then five days later they'll put 1 or 2 back in. Then 9 days after that I have a blood pregnancy test. So they whole shebang should take about 6-8 weeks depending on how long I have to be on the BCPs.

Hope you all are doing well!

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