Friday, December 4, 2009

OF COURSE!! - updated

I finally get really up for a cycle and 100% positive so what do you think happened at my appointment today? CYSTS! Two of them to be exact. A 2.75cm on the left and a 4cm on the right! I only had a tiny little follicle on the right at ovulation so how the heck did it grow to 4 cm? I'm so frustrated! I guess I shouldn't have gotten so excited about this cycle until I found out if I could actually do it.

The one bit of good news is that she found my vein on the first try. They're going to analyze my blood and call back this afternoon with my options.

update - Just got a call from the nurse. Of course my labs were PERFECT for IVF. However, if I start BCPs now I would start IVF at the end of Dec. She said she can't drag out the pills into January. We really wanted to wait to do IVF in January for tax reasons (I'm a tax nerd, I know!) SO... I can either do a natural cycle this month (pointless) or start BCPs and do another injectable cycle in January. That would push IVF until almost March though. So many decisions! All feedback will be much appreciated... should we take the pills and try one more injectable cycle or do a natural cycle and then IVF in January? AND to top it all off there are no guarantees that my labs will be good for IVF after this natural cycle. I am not equipped to make these decisions so I need some help from you guys!



  1. Can we donate money and do IVF at the end of December??? :) I say gamble on the January labs and do a natural cycle this month.

  2. I concur with Rhonda...I'm all about selling fried fish plates! :) I say natural cycle this month too! But then again, what do I know? God will lead you to the right decision for you and John! Love you!

  3. Haha! You guys are so sweet. Jess emailed me separately offering me money too! The problem is not that we don't have the money it's that (pardon my tax nerdiness) John put $5000 in his flex account which starts Jan 1st so that $5000 of the procedure would be tax free. That's around $1,250 at a 25% tax rate! However, you can't put a price on a baby can you?

  4. I changed the post b/c John was not happy with my wording. I guess I did make it sound like we were struggling. OOPS! MY BAD!
    So far I have three votes for taking a rest cycle and IVF in January!


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