Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is cold in Birmingham, Alabama! John and I went to see the movie Couples Retreat last night. When we left if was 29 degrees! That's (-3) degrees for you Canadians. And who knows what it was with wind chill... BRRRR! One of the couples in the movie had been trying to have a baby for 12 months and weren't doing so well as a couple anymore. Ha! We laugh at 12 months! Try two and half years! The husband in the movie was extremely involved and bringing it up all of the time. It made me very thankful for John. He's very laid back about the whole process which is exactly what I need. If he was stressed out about it then I would just get even more stressed.

I should start my next cycle tomorrow or Tuesday which would put me at the doctor on Wed or Thurs. We'll see how my levels are and if I have any cysts. If everything looks ok we'll move forward with the IVF cycle. The whole cycle from 1st visit to pregnancy test will take about 8 weeks. So I won't find out if it worked until late Feb or early March! That's a long time!!

Here's a picture of Lexi lying in the sun. Isn't she cute!? You would think a black, furry dog would be hot in the sun but she loves it!

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