Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do You Know What Today Is?

Unless you've been living under a rock you should!!! It's the first REAL day of my IVF cycle! It's the day that I start growing my babies! I'm so excited! I will stim for 6-12 days depending on how long it takes my eggies to get mature. Sometimes I'm fast and sometimes it takes a while so I have no idea when my retrieval will be. I go for my first folly check on Wed. Remember... we want 8 mature eggs and an 8mm thick lining by the time of retrieval to stay on the shared risk plan! But you know I'm an overachiever so I would really like at least 12 mature eggs and a 9mm thick lining! Since I'm a cyster she said I would probably have some empty follicles. So I'm praying for at least 16 mature follicles to hopefully get 12 mature eggs! No pressure!

Also, I've had a headache since Mother Nature showed on Thursday! I hope the hormones make it go away tonight. I now remember why I used to take 3 straight months of BCPs. Besides the added benefit of only 4 periods a year... I would only get 4 migraines a year.

My last day wasn't so terrible. We all went to lunch as a group for the last time. It was nice. I held it together and didn't cry all day until the second we left. They all decided to wait so we could walk out together. The meetings only took about 10 min instead of the 30 that they had scheduled. So we were all done by 2:15. I was very touched that they wanted to wait on me to walk out together. I was still fine... no crying... until we were about to get on the elevator. We hugged our "mama" boss and she broke down crying. Then we hugged Tricia (she's staying on to help with the other funds) and she started crying. Then everybody started crying. Well you know if people are crying that I'm going to cry. So there we were, 10 women crying and hugging each other! I'm sure it was a sight for the men who walked by!

Here's a picture of the gang! And yes, that is one poor Dude in a sea of women! Can you imagine the stuff he had to endure!



  1. Me and Emma are so excited that you're done with work! We can't wait to see more of you!

  2. Yayyy for the start of your IVF cycle!


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