Monday, January 25, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong (updated w/ labs)

Barring any crazy lab work that may come in this afternoon.... Our IVF cycle is underway!! I had no cysts today and my lining looked great!! I'm still waiting for the official OK after my lab results are in at around 3. John came with me to the appointment today where we discussed all things IVF. He had to give some blood to make sure he didn't have any diseases but of course he has great veins so this wasn't a problem. She got me on the first stick too! We then had to check out and pay. This is when it hit me how much money we are paying. And I got very angry!! I wasn't ready for that emotion. I can't tell you how unbelievably SUCKY it is that we have to pay so much money for something that most people get for free! IT SUCKS! John really needs a new car and we could have gotten him a pretty nice one with this money. He's driving a 97 Camry with 180k miles on it so we can have a baby! He's such a wonderful husband.

The anger has subsided some and I'm back to excited. I went by the pharmacy to pick up my medicine after I left Dr. H's office. WOW! It's A LOT! I am soooo lucky that my insurance covers the meds. If we didn't have insurance it would have been $6,121.12. With insurance I only had to pay $104. That is one huge victory! I'll try to post a picture of it all so you can appreciate what I will be going through over the next few weeks. I'm not complaining though... it will all be worth it when I can hold my little bambino(a) in my arms!

Update: Lab results are in and I PASSED! I stop birth control tomorrow and start stimming 1/31! Only 6 days!!



  1. I love the title of your post!!! Only you would refer to IVF being on like donkey kong.

    Good Luck! (And Thank God for insurance)

  2. I'm so excited!!
    I'm with you on the insurance. By September of last year doctors and hospitals had billed me over $100,000. Thank God for insurance is right!!


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