Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Little Fig Tree That Could

Mom and Dad Z brought us a fig tree when they came to visit in November. I tend to kill every plant I try to grow so I figured it wouldn't last long. Despite my lack of a green thumb this little guy is thriving.

Here's a picture of Tristan at Annie.
The below is a picture of Tristan wearing a jacket my Aunt Debbie made for her. It's so cute! She has an embroidery machine and embroidered her name on it.

I got a call from the pharmacy that ALL of medication is in so I can go by and pick it up. I'm a little nervous to see all of the stuff together. Just 5 more days until my suppression check with Dr. H. If everything looks good then the injections will start 1/31! That's only 11 days away!

1 comment:

  1. Girl I can tell you it is ALOT OF MEDICINE and the bag of needles they gave was insane. I felt like a druggie HA

    Good luck and I hope they do not make you too crazy HA


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