Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roll Tide!!! updated w/ lab results

I didn't learn as much as I wanted to learn at my doctor's appt this morning but I did get some information. For the past three days I've been imagining myself cyst free. I put my hands where my ovaries are and imagine that they are ready for IVF. I didn't know if it would work but good things have been said about the power of positive thinking. WELL - I have only been cyst free 1 time in the past 12 months and today was ALMOST 2! My right ovary was looking good and had 5 antral follicles. My left side was almost there. I did have a cyst but it was like no cyst I have seen before. They usually look like black circles. This one looked like two small antrals with some distance between them. Turns out it was one 25mm cyst with a 20mm blood clot in the middle. There was also some fluid around the ovary. That means the cyst is probably deteriorating and in a few days should hopefully be gone. More good news is that I had 9 antrals on that side. 9+5 = 14 antrals! I need 12 to qualify for IVF so one hurdle has been jumped!

She got my blood on the first try and as she was taking it I imagined that my levels were perfect. I should find out after lunch if I jumped that hurdle too. If my labs are good then I will start birth control pills tonight. I have an appt on 1/13 for a sonar ultrasound with dye (apparently this is quite painful) and an appt 1/25 with the IVF coordinator. On 1/25 if the cyst is completely gone she will go over my protocol of medications and a timeline for the cycle.

Other big news today: Alabama is playing for the National Championship tonight! I'm so nervous and pumped up at the same time! These boys have worked so hard to get to this game and I hope and pray they can pull it out!

Lab work looked good! I can start the BCPs tonight! My very first (hopefully only) IVF cycle is underway!!!

ROLL TIDE! Happy Name Day John!

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