Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Tired

I am so tired! I slept 10 hrs last night and I'm still tired. I think it's because I'm dreaming all night long. Dozens of dreams! And I wake up between each one to tell myself it's not real. Hopefully my appt will go well Monday so I can stop the BCPs on Tuesday.

One of last night's dreams: There's a girl riding a motorcycle through the jungle. Someone is chasing her as she's making death defying leaps and bounds. She has a box on the back of her motorcycle she seems to be protecting and a man is reclined and lounging in the sidecar. She finally shakes the person chasing her so she stops to make camp. Another guy on a motorcycle comes along and they become friends. The friend takes the motorcycle for a ride without asking her but it's much faster than his. While he's whipping and weaving through traffic he wrecks it and the box goes flying into the woods. He gets the box and then takes her bike to have it fixed. It was better than new! He took it back to her thinking she would be elated! As he got closer she ran to him crying and clawing for the box. She opened it and there were kittens. Some of them didn't make it and she just started sobbing... I woke up.

My interpretation of this dream: I am the girl and my body is the motorcycle. Of course, John is the guy reclining in the sidecar, relaxed and enjoying the ride. Dr. H is the guy who "steals" my body and then wrecks it. But she makes it better than new because hopefully she will return it to me pregnant. The kittens are my eggs that I'm trying so hard to protect but no matter how hard I try some of them aren't going to make it.

I told John my dream this morning and he told me to stop telling him about my dreams. Haha!


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