Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wonderful News!

Thanks to Allison for commenting on my blog to say that the SIS wasn't going to be very painful. It really wasn't! I was concerned b/c Dr. H told me the HSG wasn't going to hurt and it was TERRIBLE. So when she said the SIS would hurt I thought it was going to kill me! It really wasn't bad at all though! That's not the only good news.... My uterus is "pretty" and my cyst is gone!! Dr. H was cracking me up b/c she kept talking about how pretty my uterus is. Never heard that one before! The procedure was quite simple. She used a catheter to insert some saline into my uterus. The saline blows up my uterus like a balloon so she can see if there are any fibroids hanging out. All was GOOD! Praise the Lord!! I know He is with me and helping me through this!

ALSO, I got my protocol! Here's how it will go down...
1/25 - Appt with IVF coordinator. We have to sign all documentation, get my meds prescriptions, do blood work and have an ultrasound to make sure I'm still cyst free.
1/26 - off birth control if labs and u/s are good
1/31 - Start meds.
2/10 - 2/14 - Possible egg retrieval depending on how long it takes me to get mature
5 days after retrieval she will put 2 eggs back in and freeze any remaining
2 weeks later - Pregnancy test!!
I should know by the end of February or beginning of March if we're expecting! :)

I was a little concerned about my dosage of meds, however. Last time she upped me from 75iu to 100iu and my emotions went crazy. For IVF I will be on 375iu!!! OMG! Watch out everybody. I would like to go ahead and apologize in advance for anything I do or say in the month of February!



  1. I'm SO glad your appointment went so well!! I'm going to go ahead and start praying for the future little Z's now! I'm hoping for triplets - which can't be accomplished unless three eggs are put in - can you accomodate me on that please?? I'm so excited for you!!

  2. Julie actually asked me today if I would put 3 in and then give her one of the triplets. Ummm no! But I did tell her I would give her an egg and she could grow it. I hate to disappoint you RW but I don't think my body could handle triplets.

  3. Such great news!! I suppose we can all settle for twins!

  4. YAY!!!! So happy to hear about the good news!

  5. Yea!!! I am so glad it didn't hurt too bad! I know this sounds really strange, but I think I might have seen you there this morning... We were there at 9:15, but the wait was awful, and I don't think they called us back after my blood work until around 10:00. There was a girl there who looked like you based on the pictures I've seen on your blog, and Jan (the receptionist) called her Jaime. If it was you, I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. I was too afraid it wasn't you! If you weren't there this morning, then I am so glad I didn't walk up to some poor girl in the waiting room and start talking to her! :) I'm glad everything went well today!! I'll be praying that things stay on a positive track! :)

  6. That was me!!! I wish you had talked to me but I completely understand why you didn't. I probably wouldn't have gone up to a stranger either. Small world!

  7. WooHoo I am so excited for you. Yes you most certainly have a pass while you are on those meds. I know I may have been a little nutty on them too. I cannot wait until we hear the good news.

  8. I am so excited about your good news! I love you!


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