Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have You Ever Had One of Those Dreams

Have you ever had one of the those dreams where you're desperately trying to get somewhere but just can't? I have these dreams all of the time but last night it was my reality. I went to Tuscaloosa to help Julie yesterday. She had me doing some writing and left me with lots of homework. I don't mind though. Writing is not too difficult for me. She owns a web design business and has the website I was writing for the web design part. She wants to start a "tip of the day" section on her website showing business owners how to increase the efficiency of their website. It's a good idea but she doesn't have the time to write the little tidbits.

Here's a pic of Julie and my little work station.
Back to my story:
We left her house at 6 pm to go pick up some sushi. Seems like an easy enough task! We went to a Thai place where they told us they only had sushi on Thursday nights. So she decided to order a couple of meals and then we would go by and pick up a little bit of sushi from another place. After waiting 30 min and the food STILL wasn't out she decided to call in the sushi order to save some time. 15 min later we finally got our food and were headed to the sushi place. I usually eat at 6:30 or 7:00 and by this time it was 7:00. If you know me, you know I can't go more than 2 to 3 hours without eating! We arrived at the sushi place 30 min after she called it in. It wasn't ready! We waited there another 30 min! Every single "Jersey Shore" want to be guy must have been at that sushi place. They were like sharks circling their prey. At this time Julie looks at me and says she needs to go by McDonald's to get Austin something. I'm about to lose it at this point so I told her to go and I would wait for the sushi by myself. I got the order about 5 min later and ran outside to get away from the vulchers. I could see the big M from where I was. I called Julie and she said she hadn't even made it to the window to order. I contemplated sitting down right there and eating some sushi. But I'm from Tuscaloosa and Murphy's Law proves that if I did that then somebody I know would walk by and see the poor girl sitting on the sidewalk eating her sushi alone. What happened to her since high school?? No! I couldn't chance that. So I took off walking with to-go bag in hand. I could have made it to McDonald's by the time she left if I had made this decision a little earlier. But as it worked out she picked me up in the parking lot of the Bojangles! haha! We finally made it back to her house at 8pm. It took 2 hours to get some sushi so I sure am glad that it was tasty!!

We get Tristan today! I'm not sure what we're going to do but hopefully something fun!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Old Sis

I'm heading down to T-town today to help out Julie. I'm not really sure what I can do to help but she's been under a lot of stress with work. I'm sure I can find something to do... even it's filing or cleaning out closets! :)


Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am pleased to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Meet our "new to us" Acura TL! With a little nudge in the right direction, John finally made a decision! It has hands free bluetooth, heated seats, memory seats, programmable garage door opener and so much more! I know these amenities have been around for quite some time but this is the first time we have gotten to enjoy them. He sat down last night for 2 hours and read the manual so he would know how to work all of his fancy new gadgets! He's so excited! Doesn't he look good driving this car? Sorry this is not the greatest pic. John was late for work and I was trying to snap a photo quickly! I'll try to post a better one later.

On the menu: Last night was a chef salad. Tonight I think I'll make another meat and three. I have a butternut squash that I've been looking forward to cooking. I've never tried it before so I'm a little nervous how it will turn out...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Thanks for all of the encouragement ladies! I can't tell you how much the prayers and support mean to me! I am feeling much better today. I don't know if I can say the same for my dear ole hubby. He has narrowed down the car search to two different cars. They both have more miles than he wants but are in the right price range. I told him he was going to have to compromise some. He was trying to find a luxury vehicle with less than 50k miles for $13g's. He came close a time or two but there just aren't that many out there!

I still don't have a pic of Tristan going to her dance. I told John to remind her mom to send him one today. Hopefully I'll be able to post one tomorrow!

In respect to the job situation... I'm sure I will find something sooner or later. We have enough to cover us easily for 6 months. So I'm not really worried about that. It's just that was the first job I was excited about. And before this little stint of unemployment I had been offered a position at every interview I attended. I'm not digging the rejection! I know that the economy is terrible right now and there are A LOT of accountants looking for jobs but I still don't like the rejection.

I'm going to dye my hair today! I put a gloss on it one time but today I'm actually using a color. I'm going dark! I'll post a pic later.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We all have a bad day every now and then

I'll be honest...Yesterday was a pretty tough day for John and for me. John is having a tough time with the car situation. He CANNOT make a decision! He agonized for weeks over the lights that will go in the kitchen. I mean AGONIZED! He finally came to me and said he couldn't do it. It was left to me. I think he may get to that point with the car. He asks me to look at no less than 15 cars per day. I told him to narrow it down to 2 or 3 and I would help him make the decision.

I had a hard day because I found out they hired someone else for the job I wanted. The guy said he thinks I should do something more tax related. I guess he was scared that I would come in and work for a little while and then decide to go back to tax. I've been asked about that two or three times in interviews. It makes sense. I have a Master's in Tax and tax jobs usually make more money. But I don't want just a straight tax job. I would love to find a mixture. That looks to be more difficult than I thought.

  • Fertility News: I also got my blood work back. My FSH is still 11.6. It has to be below 12.5 to stay in the shared risk plan but I've read many places that say anything above 10 means pre-ovarian failure. Also, I only had 9 antral follicles where I need 12 to stay in shared risk. I hope that after I've been on the BCPs a while and my cysts go away, that a few more will pop up. I'm just really scared this isn't going to work. So yesterday was another come-to-terms day that I may never have a child. I have these days every now and then where I truly try to imagine my life without a child. It's weird but every time it's a little easier. When John and I first got married I thought I would die if I couldn't have a child. Then time moved along and I decided that I wouldn't die but I would always be sad. Then more time passed I thought that I could still be happy most of the time but would always feel like something was missing. I'm to the point now where I know I'll be sad every now and then but I truly think I'll be ok. If you had told me 2 1/2 years ago that I would be saying that I would be ok not to have children I would NOT have believed you. But I guess it's the brain's way of coping. I'm not giving up yet. I'm going to give it all I've got! But if it doesn't work... at least I know I'll be fine. :)


Monday, February 22, 2010

My Girls

Spending the night with my girls Saturday was SO much fun! We went out to eat for sushi and then stayed the night at Rach's. Her house is fabulously beautiful! We played the board game Would You Rather which was entertaining and watched the Sex and the City movie. It was definitely a girls night! I am sad that Em couldn't make it!

Sunday we sold the Camry to Carmax. Mom is letting us borrow her car for the week so hopefully John will find something soon. He has narrowed the search to 2 different cars. They're in Georgia so we have to make sure it's really what he wants before we drive there to get it!
  • Fertility News: I went to the doc this morning for my baseline. I had 2 cysts on each ovary and only 4 antral follies on the right and 5 on the left. I really need a total of at least 12. I'm hoping the cysts were blocking a couple. She gave me another Nuvaring to start taking tonight and I made an appt to go over my calendar on 3/9. I'll probably be on the BCPs for 3 or 4 weeks and then start my next IVF cycle. All I found out today is that I am doing a Lupron protocol. They're basically just adding another injection at the beginning of my cycle to try to keep the follies from growing too fast. They had a REALLY hard time getting the blood today. It took 3 sticks, lots of digging and 2 nurses to finally get it. I guess I'm lucky they've been getting it on the first try the past few months!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Date

It happened. Tristan had her first date to her first real dance last night. You may remember she went to a dance in the fall but the kids wore normal clothes to that one. This was the first "formal" dance. John went by to see her before the dance. He forgot the camera so I'm relying on Tristan's mom to send some pictures. Hopefully that will happen soon so I can post them. John said she was breathtaking.

While she was getting ready she got an unexpected knock on the door. It was her date bringing her a dozen yellow roses! Mini panic attack - She's too young to be getting roses from boys!!!! But it was very sweet and I'm sure made her feel special. After she got ready John showed up for some pics. Then they went over to her date's house for more pictures. Finally it was time for the dance. Apparently the boys and girls stayed on opposite sides of the room until the last dance. That's when Tristan had her first slow dance with a boy. She's growing up so fast!

Today John and I are going to look for a car. He has been driving me crazy! He may be the pickiest man EVER! Hopefully we will find something quickly so there aren't too many arguments!

Tonight I have a slumber party with LL, Jess and Rach! We're going out to eat and then staying at Rach's new place! I'm so excited!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Emma - (Updated)

Here are a few pics of Sweet Emma. Josh and Jess are on their way back now and should be here around 4 or 5 this afternoon. I sure will miss her!
Below she is pushing her cart and watching a little TV. She loves her shopping cart. This one is of us snuggling last night when she was very sleepy. She went right to sleep when I put her down.
She smiles so fast I have a hard time getting a pic of it. But it's SO cute!
She was excited here b/c Lexi was coming to say Hi to her.
John had no problems keeping her for a few hours yesterday. He didn't hold her as much as I did so maybe she won't be TOO spoiled. He said he got in the floor and she climbed all over him most of the time. Then when I got home from the interview I took her to Supper Club for about an hour. The girls, of course, thought she was adorable!
My interview went ok. It's a very small organization with only 2 people in the accounting dept. I can do just about any kind of work if I have some girls around me I like. So I think I would rather find a job that has more people and at least one girl my age!
  • Fertility News: I'm calling Dr. H today to see what the board said about my next IVF try. Mother Nature came calling this morning. She's early! I'm not supposed to start until Sunday so I'm not sure what's going on with that. Bummer! Another month bites the dust. Check back later for the update.
  • Update - A nurse called to say that I am approved for another IVF. She wasn't the IVF nurse so she couldn't really tell me anything about the new protocol. But it is good news that they think there is something else that will work. My appt is Monday morning so I should get more specifics then. I'm sure I'll have to be on birth control pills for a month...!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Arms Are Burning!

Let's just say that things were a bit hectic yesterday with little Durr. The morning part went well. We played on the floor and ate some lunch. She laughed at Lexi as we chased her around. All good. Then she got tired and it was time to go down for her nap. Lexi barked at something outside and it was all over after that. She cried, and cried and cried. I finally got her to stop crying and go down for her nap. But the damage was done... when she woke from her nap every time Lexi barked she cried. AND she wouldn't let me put her down on the floor. So from 2pm until I took her home for her bath at 7pm I had to hold her. I should have some nice looking muscles by tomorrow! When we got to her house she was fine and played in the floor. So I decided that I would keep her over here today. Today has been much better and she's peacefully napping away as I type.

She should be up from her nap around at around 2 or 2:30. I will have to take her back to my house then to start getting ready for my interview. That will be interesting!

I have some pictures from yesterday but I forgot to bring my camera to Jess's today. I'll try to post them tonight. I went to bed shortly after Emma last night because I was spent! I don't know how Jess does this every day! No, I'm not rethinking motherhood. I just know I need to build some muscles before I carry around a 200lb (really 25lb but she felt like 200lbs after 5 hours) baby. And hopefully I won't be giving birth to a 25lb baby either!! That would NOT be good!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

Jess and Josh should be here any minute with Emma. I thought I better write something now because there may not be time later today. I'll try to post pictures tonight after she goes to sleep. :)

Now that I'm in the clear and Jess shouldn't be reading my blog again until she gets back... I have an interview Thursday afternoon at 4:15. John's going to leave work early to come home and take care of Emma while I go. I knew she would feel bad if I told her so she's not finding out until she gets back! I'm so sneaky! It's with a not-for-profit company that's downtown. I'm not super excited about it being downtown but if it's a good job I'll be ok with it.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting... updated

I feel like I'm ALWAYS waiting for something! I'm waiting to start my cycle or for a blood test or an u/s or a call from the doctor... it's so irritating! I left a message with the IVF coordinator this morning because they still haven't called to tell me what happened at the board meeting Thursday. Hopefully she'll call back with some good news! I'm a little nervous that it's not good news since it's taking her so long to get back with me. Regardless, check back later this afternoon for the prognosis.

Guess what... I'm keeping Emma for at least 2 whole days!! Maybe 3!! I wish it was because Josh and Jess were going on some romantic rendezvous but that's not the case. They're going to Charleston tomorrow morning for her grandfather's funeral and then coming back either late Thursday night or Friday. Please pray for them to have a safe trip and for God to comfort her and her family.

Also, John took his car to Carmax yesterday to see what they would offer. They offered him more than expected so it looks like we may be getting a new car soon (or at least a "new to us" car). He's looking at used BLACK Maximas, Audis, and Caddys.

Finally, I would like to thank Emily for my handmade dishrag and Emma for my V'day card and suckers! Emily makes lots of goodies for kids but this is the first time I have gotten one of her treasures.

On the menu:
Mexican Chicken Casserole
One layer of crescent rolls, a layer of chicken, sour cream, rotel, and cheese (all mixed together), and then a final layer of crescent rolls. YUM!

Update: The nurse called to say that the board meeting was cancelled last Thursday so my chart will go to the board this Thursday. A few more days of waiting...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Promised Pictures

John threatened my life if I posted these pics but a promise is a promise....
Notice the monkey balloon that says "I Love You"! So Cute!
And here's my valentine all snuggled up on the couch under the covers.
Last night after John took Tristan home, he surprised me with a candlelight massage. 30 blissful minutes of an aromatherapy oil massage and then a salt scrub. Heaven!
On a somber note: My thoughts and prayers go out to Jess and her family. Her grandfather died early this morning.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

John has Tristan this weekend so he's going to wake her up with a Valentine's Day surprise. He got her a balloon, flower, stuffed animal, some gum and skittles. I'll post some pictures of that this afternoon. We also went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief last night for one of her V'day presents. It was good.

I told John not to get me anything for V'day which means I'm expecting a little something. If there is a male reading this let me explain how that works. I want a little more than I ask for. So if I ask for nothing then I will be happy with a little something. If I asked for a little something; I'd be happy with a medium sized something and so on. I know it's a little crazy but stay with me here. I like to be a little spoiled. If I ask for a little less than I want but I get more... he's spoiling me. So (this is the good part for the guys) I wanted a little something, I got a little something but in my mind he's spoiling me b/c I asked for nothing.

One of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw quotes:

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies."

Thanks to my wonderful hubby for helping me find my butterflies! Here's hoping you get a butterfly or two today too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's snowing today! Quite a bit actually. This morning I headed over to Rhonda's to babysit. I didn't think that it would actually snow today like the weather man said. However, at about 9:30am it started... and it hasn't stopped. Here are some pics of the snow and ML(Mary Lynne). I had so much fun playing with her today even though it was cut short by the snow!

Yesterday I got a call from my recruiter. That's a perk of being an accountant... we get recruiters. She knows of two positions that should become available soon. So I may have two more interviews for sometime next week. Also, Dr H was supposed to call me today or yesterday but due to the "blizzard" they probably closed the office early. It looks like I won't get a call until Monday.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do I have the sweetest friends??

Why yes, yes I do! When we embarked upon this IVF journey Jess got me a basket of relaxation essentials. It was so thoughtful of her and made me feel loved. During the process of BCPs and shots in the stomach my friends were there for me every step of the way. They were so supportive and positive that this would work. Fast forward a couple of weeks to the cancellation... I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't upset. I talked to LL Monday when I was at my lowest point. Dr. H told me that another protocol may not work AND that the egg I ovulated on the right may not have been viable since it was so early in my cycle. She was full of bad news! But LL was so encouraging and made me feel a lot better. She told me to have faith and keep my head up because I WILL be a mother some day! Then yesterday afternoon I received these...
Leah sent me flowers!! The note said "Just because I freaking love you... like really love you! Continued prayers going up!" I'm tearing up now just telling you about it. So SWEET! I don't think I've ever actually received flowers via courier. For the first two or three months I was dating John, he would bring me a flower to every date. He was so romantic and swept me off my feet! So I'm not trying to diss John by saying that he's never sent me flowers.... he's given me many, many flowers!

Thank you so much LL and thank you to all of my friends who have been there and continue to be there for me!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retail Therapy

Bad wife came out in full force yesterday people! I went to TJ Maxx to take back a shirt that John had bought for work. He agonized whether he should keep it and finally decided that it was a 1/2 size too big so I should take it back. It was only $14.99! You would think this was a $100 shirt! I realized when I walked in and there was a line at 11:30am that it was Tuesday which means new shipment day. I returned the shirt and then walked around just to see what the fuss is all about. I'll tell you what the fuss is about! Small sizes!! Usually I go in there and see some cute stuff but never in my size. But yesterday there were XSs galore! So instead of buying my husband another shirt, I bought myself some Nine West heels, a black dress and a new coat. EEEKK! I'm unemployed and John just sent a shirt back. My conscience (aka Good Wife) chimed in to tell me that I should put it all down and run out of there. She wasn't loud enough to deter Bad Wife though. I did decide that I will take back the dress. It's not exactly flattering so I can part with it.

The pumps that were regularly $69.99 that I got for $19.99. That's 70% off!

The coat that was regularly $280 that I got for $39.99. That's 85% off!! How am I expected to walk away from those kinds of deals?? They were practically paying me to take them!! Right? I did control myself some though because there were two other coats that were super cute and I didn't get them. They were my fave colors... one was black and white and the other was red! Maybe I should go back... No, no I have control! I felt so good walking out of there with my purchases. All I needed was a little retail therapy to pull me out of the funk!

I also got my hair cut yesterday. I went to the Aveda training institute so it only cost $15. Not too shabby. And she did a pretty good job. No complaints!

On the menu:
Orange Chicken a la Jessica Durr a la Rachel Ray
Can't wait to try your recipe Jess!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sure fire way to erase the blues

If you're looking for a sure fire way to erase the blues, I suggest you visit Miss Emma Durr. She's so sweet and CUTE! I went to see my lovely goddaughter (and her mother) yesterday afternoon. I'm still not quite over the funk of my failed attempt at IVF but seeing her face got me one step closer!

Yesterday morning I did our taxes and we will be getting some money back! YAY! We adjusted John's withholdings this year because last year we got a LOT of money back. At first this seems great but if you really think about it that means that we gave the government an interest free loan for the year. It's much better to break even.

Today I'm excited to be getting a haircut! I think it's been about a year! WHOA! Don't worry... I'm not chopping it all off again. I just need about an inch or two.

On the menu:

A large pot of taco soup and mexican cornbread!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Call

I had what is widely known in the infertility community as the WTF call with Dr. H this morning. You can use your imagination about what WTF might stand for. She was not as encouraging as the IVF coordinator was on Friday. She said she is going to take my case to the board to see if the other doctors have a suggestion for a different protocol. She didn't seem certain that a different protocol will work. She was happy that at least the right side ovulated so it wasn't a totally wasted cycle. I should get a call Friday or Monday letting me know what they think.

I'm still disappointed of course. I planned for the fact that my eggs may be bad or that I may have 12 follicles but only 5 eggs. For some reason I didn't think that I may be cancelled and never make it to retrieval! I plan for everything. I don't know why that didn't enter my mind.

Last night we went to the Annual Patten Butt-Off. It was a lot of fun. Several people made some boston butts and we all judged them during halftime. They were quite tasty!


Friday, February 5, 2010

IVF Cancelled

My IVF for this cycle is cancelled. She said I can trigger tonight and hopefully get pregnant on my own. My chances with IVF were around 50% but now it's only about 15%. But 15% is better than 1% which is what it has been for the last few months. I'll take what I can get. If I'm not pregnant at the end of this cycle then I'm supposed to come back in and get a new game plan. She said I can still try another IVF b/c there are lots of protocols and this one just didn't work for me. Maybe the next one will.

Thank you so much for the love, support and prayers! I can't tell you what it means to me to have so many people in my corner!


Why does my left ovary hate me?

Seriously left ovary!!! When I didn't want it to produce it would go crazy so of course now that I do want it to produce it's lazy! Why oh why does it hate me so?? As you can probably gather my appointment did not go very well this morning. The follicle on the right is mature at 1.9cm and there's one on the left at 1.6cm. I did have 8 in total with 6 being on the right and 2 on the left. 2! Yes I said 2! The 6 small ones are all smaller than 1.0cm so they're not sure if they'll have time to catch up before the big ones get too big. The nurse said that I had perplexed her and that she has to talk to the doctor to find out what I should do. I'm about 90% sure that they'll cancel my IVF though. Bright side - we finally got my right side going. Now if the left side would join in that would be great! If they cancel IVF she'll probably tell me to trigger tonight which means I will ovulate this weekend. We just need some good ole husband and wife time and maybe we'll make a baby without the petri dish. Just maybe....

To sum it up: 1 mature folly on the right (the good side) and 1 almost mature folly on the left with 6 very small ones lingering. Also my lining was only 7mm. It's supposed to be around 8mm for IVF so that's not good either. But 7mm is actually not so bad for me. Most of the time mine hangs around 6mm so I'm cool with that.

I'm heading down to T-town today to have lunch with my mom and sister. No cleaning and organizing for me today! YAY! John's getting Tristan tomorrow for the day so I might go get a pedicure or something to give them some alone time. Ooooo I almost forgot. Jess and Carrie went with me last night to the grand opening for the Aveda training institute. I made an appt to get my haircut for next Tuesday (they only charge $15!) But the best part is they only charge $14 for a pedicure! Ooh la la... count me in!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Wife Bad Wife

So far the hormones haven't been too bad. I do feel them creeping in at times and that's when the inner struggle between good wife and bad wife begins. Here's an argument from last night when John remembered to take his vitamin and was so proud of himself. It's the ONE thing he is supposed to do right now for IVF.

bad wife - He has to take ONE pill a day! That's it! Here I am jabbing myself in the stomach every night, going to doctor's appt and getting blood drawn, and I still have a headache from the hormones. Now he wants accolades for remembering to swallow a pill!!!

good wife - Calm down. You're the one who wanted to do this. You knew it would be tough but you wanted to do it anyway. Suck it up and deal.

bad wife - But it's not fair! He should have to suffer too! He should at least have to know what's going on so he can help me carry this burden. Isn't that why you get married??

good wife - Shame on you! You married him because you love him. And because you love him you should never want him to suffer. You should shield and protect him from this. Now slap a smile on your face and shut up!

Good wife won last night but I can't promise that she always will. Bad wife is getting stronger! Hopefully I'll be done with the injections before she gets out of control!

Happy Birthday Grandmama!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And The Verdict Is In....Updated

I think IVF is being cancelled. Bummer! I only had three follicles today and one was already at 15mm which is almost mature. It is right on the cusp of being able to stop it from ovulating with the Ganirelix injections but I'm not sure if it will work. It's so frustrating! I produced three follicles on an UNMEDICATED cycle! I don't know what happened! If they can stop that one from ovulating then I could keep taking the meds and hopefully some more will pop up but I'm not sure if she's going to let me do that. I'm waiting for the call.

The bit of good news is that the follicle is on the RIGHT side! I'm actually going to ovulate on my right side this month! What the heck?!? SO - if she cancels my IVF I could still get pregnant by doing IUI which is WAY cheaper. So there is still some hope. I assume they would have to refund my money if IVF was cancelled.

I was pretty upset about it at first but I'm trying to stay positive. There's nothing I can do about it so I'm trying to relax and roll with the punches! I'll update as soon as I know something.

Both of my interviews went pretty well. I don't think the one from yesterday is for me. But today's interview was better. It's a good company with great benefits. The people seemed nice and I would actually be doing real accounting. They hope to be done with interviews by next Wed so I should know something by the end of next week.

On the menu:
Anger with a side of a sadness (j/k) haha
The curry was good last night. I'm thinking of something a little lighter tonight. Maybe a buffalo chicken salad. Yum!

Update: Negative Nancy is gone and Positive Polly is back! The nurse finally called to say that my blood work looked good so they will let me continue with the IVF cycle. I go back on Friday morning to see if any new follicles popped up! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm so nervous about my doctor's appt tomorrow. Will I be developing follicles? If so, how many? Will it be enough? Will my lining be ok? Probably not on the lining part but I should still have a week or so to build it. I'm just so amazed what they can do with the human body!

I have an interview today at 3 and another one tomorrow after my doctor's appt. The one today I'm not so sure about. It's really a bookkeeping job with maybe a splash of accounting. I am excited about the one tomorrow though. It seems like it would be a good job. It's preparing monthly financial statements and more accounting related work. I'm sure I could talk them into letting me do a little tax work as well. They seem really laid back. The lady I talked to is a friend of one of my "pit" girls so I think she would tell me if it was a terrible job. She said she is really happy there and that they're very family friendly with little overtime. Sounds good to me!

On the menu:
Last night we had meat and 3. I George Forman'd some chicken and made smashed potatoes, sweet peas, and skillet corn (from my Aunt Ann's garden). It was pretty darn tasty! John poured about a gallon of gravy on top of it all so I'm not sure that he could appreciate my intricate seasoning.
Tonight I'm making chicken and rice curry! I LOVE curry and so does John. Feel free to come over if you're in the mood for something spicy!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Life of Leisure?

Yeah right! If you know me at all then you know that I love a good plan! I've been thinking for weeks about my "plan" once I'm home full time. Here's what I came up with:

1. Make breakfast for the hubs every morning.
2. Clean for most of the morning
3. Afternoon = Project time!
4. Cook dinner every night

You may be wondering what "project time" is. WELL - there are some things that get pushed aside when both spouses work. Even spouses who are as clean and Type A as John and myself! Most of my friends would never believe the terror that lies in my house! Here's a peak at the skeletons in my closet!

The pantry that needs to be cleaned out and organized... The medicine cabinet that needs to be cleaned out. Or *gasp* our bedroom closet!
And finally the piece de resistance. The downstairs crafts closet! Wow! I can't believe I'm showing this to you!Hopefully, I'll be able to post some pictures I'm proud of soon!
So far I haven't had any side effects from the shots. My fellow "lady of leisure" Jess came over for a few hours this morning while Emma was at Mommy's Day Out. She didn't make a comment about me being a raging, hormonal witch so that's a good sign! :0)
Happy Birthday Austin!

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