Monday, March 1, 2010

Dream a Little Dream

The BCP dreams are starting to seep back into my nights. They're definitely not as vivid yet but I seem to dream little dreams all night long. Weird dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was getting married in two different dreams. They both were huge weddings but to different people... neither of them being John. That said, in both dreams I was having second thoughts and couldn't understand why I was getting married or even who I was marrying. Weird. Maybe John and I should have a Big Greek blessing of our nuptials for our 10 years anniversary since my dreams are telling me I want a big wedding. Anyway... I'm exhausted again. I hope tonight is better!

  • Fertility News: Some people come to my blog just for fertility news. For these people I have started bulleting and separating this information. This should make it easy for you to pass by day to day ramblings. I should receive my calendar in the next week. That will tell me when I can stop taking the BCP's, when to start injections and an estimated egg retrieval date. I'll call my IVF nurse and go over the calendar with her at that time and get all of medication ordered.

On the menu: Tonight I'm making Bang Bang Shrimp. It's another recipe from Jess that I tweaked a little. I'll post the recipe with pictures as tomorrow's post.


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