Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Wife Bad Wife

So far the hormones haven't been too bad. I do feel them creeping in at times and that's when the inner struggle between good wife and bad wife begins. Here's an argument from last night when John remembered to take his vitamin and was so proud of himself. It's the ONE thing he is supposed to do right now for IVF.

bad wife - He has to take ONE pill a day! That's it! Here I am jabbing myself in the stomach every night, going to doctor's appt and getting blood drawn, and I still have a headache from the hormones. Now he wants accolades for remembering to swallow a pill!!!

good wife - Calm down. You're the one who wanted to do this. You knew it would be tough but you wanted to do it anyway. Suck it up and deal.

bad wife - But it's not fair! He should have to suffer too! He should at least have to know what's going on so he can help me carry this burden. Isn't that why you get married??

good wife - Shame on you! You married him because you love him. And because you love him you should never want him to suffer. You should shield and protect him from this. Now slap a smile on your face and shut up!

Good wife won last night but I can't promise that she always will. Bad wife is getting stronger! Hopefully I'll be done with the injections before she gets out of control!

Happy Birthday Grandmama!!



  1. bad wife wins a lot at our house. we are praying for you!

  2. Oh JZ...bad wife is why you have your girl friends :) Everyone has the bad wife're just so sweet most of the time that yours doesn't rear it's ugly head too often! I still love you either way. Still praying for my follies!

  3. That just makes the rest of us feel better because now we know you're human!

  4. Sometimes I think my husband is going to put me out on the side of the road :o) Yea for the good wife!


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