Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have You Ever Had One of Those Dreams

Have you ever had one of the those dreams where you're desperately trying to get somewhere but just can't? I have these dreams all of the time but last night it was my reality. I went to Tuscaloosa to help Julie yesterday. She had me doing some writing and left me with lots of homework. I don't mind though. Writing is not too difficult for me. She owns a web design business and has the website I was writing for the web design part. She wants to start a "tip of the day" section on her website showing business owners how to increase the efficiency of their website. It's a good idea but she doesn't have the time to write the little tidbits.

Here's a pic of Julie and my little work station.
Back to my story:
We left her house at 6 pm to go pick up some sushi. Seems like an easy enough task! We went to a Thai place where they told us they only had sushi on Thursday nights. So she decided to order a couple of meals and then we would go by and pick up a little bit of sushi from another place. After waiting 30 min and the food STILL wasn't out she decided to call in the sushi order to save some time. 15 min later we finally got our food and were headed to the sushi place. I usually eat at 6:30 or 7:00 and by this time it was 7:00. If you know me, you know I can't go more than 2 to 3 hours without eating! We arrived at the sushi place 30 min after she called it in. It wasn't ready! We waited there another 30 min! Every single "Jersey Shore" want to be guy must have been at that sushi place. They were like sharks circling their prey. At this time Julie looks at me and says she needs to go by McDonald's to get Austin something. I'm about to lose it at this point so I told her to go and I would wait for the sushi by myself. I got the order about 5 min later and ran outside to get away from the vulchers. I could see the big M from where I was. I called Julie and she said she hadn't even made it to the window to order. I contemplated sitting down right there and eating some sushi. But I'm from Tuscaloosa and Murphy's Law proves that if I did that then somebody I know would walk by and see the poor girl sitting on the sidewalk eating her sushi alone. What happened to her since high school?? No! I couldn't chance that. So I took off walking with to-go bag in hand. I could have made it to McDonald's by the time she left if I had made this decision a little earlier. But as it worked out she picked me up in the parking lot of the Bojangles! haha! We finally made it back to her house at 8pm. It took 2 hours to get some sushi so I sure am glad that it was tasty!!

We get Tristan today! I'm not sure what we're going to do but hopefully something fun!


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  1. I almost can't believe that I am going to say that the sushi was worth the wait but it was. It shouldn't take 2 hours to get food but my goodness we were entertained during the process.

    Thanks to Jaime for coming to help me. We had a great time (or I did anyway). She had raised an eyebrow when I told her that I wanted her to write for me and Everyone here that reads her blog knows that she has a flair for writing. I needed content that had a personal feel and she delivered. And yes I sent her home with homework. Hopefully she won't mind. It sure is a big help to me. Thank you Jaime!


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