Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting... updated

I feel like I'm ALWAYS waiting for something! I'm waiting to start my cycle or for a blood test or an u/s or a call from the doctor... it's so irritating! I left a message with the IVF coordinator this morning because they still haven't called to tell me what happened at the board meeting Thursday. Hopefully she'll call back with some good news! I'm a little nervous that it's not good news since it's taking her so long to get back with me. Regardless, check back later this afternoon for the prognosis.

Guess what... I'm keeping Emma for at least 2 whole days!! Maybe 3!! I wish it was because Josh and Jess were going on some romantic rendezvous but that's not the case. They're going to Charleston tomorrow morning for her grandfather's funeral and then coming back either late Thursday night or Friday. Please pray for them to have a safe trip and for God to comfort her and her family.

Also, John took his car to Carmax yesterday to see what they would offer. They offered him more than expected so it looks like we may be getting a new car soon (or at least a "new to us" car). He's looking at used BLACK Maximas, Audis, and Caddys.

Finally, I would like to thank Emily for my handmade dishrag and Emma for my V'day card and suckers! Emily makes lots of goodies for kids but this is the first time I have gotten one of her treasures.

On the menu:
Mexican Chicken Casserole
One layer of crescent rolls, a layer of chicken, sour cream, rotel, and cheese (all mixed together), and then a final layer of crescent rolls. YUM!

Update: The nurse called to say that the board meeting was cancelled last Thursday so my chart will go to the board this Thursday. A few more days of waiting...


  1. We are so grateful that you're watching Emma for us! It will make the trip so much easier. Can't wait to hear what your doctor says! See you in the morning. :)

  2. I would LOVE some Mexican Chicken Casserole...why didn't you ever cook like this for me when you were still mine (as in my neighbor, but I did consider you mine)?? That sounds like a lovely little recipe...why don't you send my way?
    Maybe I should bring ML over for some double action for you - it will be good practice for the twins that you're bound to have! She and Emma need a good play date too!
    Want to come downtown for lunch one day after the Durr's get back??


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