Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retail Therapy

Bad wife came out in full force yesterday people! I went to TJ Maxx to take back a shirt that John had bought for work. He agonized whether he should keep it and finally decided that it was a 1/2 size too big so I should take it back. It was only $14.99! You would think this was a $100 shirt! I realized when I walked in and there was a line at 11:30am that it was Tuesday which means new shipment day. I returned the shirt and then walked around just to see what the fuss is all about. I'll tell you what the fuss is about! Small sizes!! Usually I go in there and see some cute stuff but never in my size. But yesterday there were XSs galore! So instead of buying my husband another shirt, I bought myself some Nine West heels, a black dress and a new coat. EEEKK! I'm unemployed and John just sent a shirt back. My conscience (aka Good Wife) chimed in to tell me that I should put it all down and run out of there. She wasn't loud enough to deter Bad Wife though. I did decide that I will take back the dress. It's not exactly flattering so I can part with it.

The pumps that were regularly $69.99 that I got for $19.99. That's 70% off!

The coat that was regularly $280 that I got for $39.99. That's 85% off!! How am I expected to walk away from those kinds of deals?? They were practically paying me to take them!! Right? I did control myself some though because there were two other coats that were super cute and I didn't get them. They were my fave colors... one was black and white and the other was red! Maybe I should go back... No, no I have control! I felt so good walking out of there with my purchases. All I needed was a little retail therapy to pull me out of the funk!

I also got my hair cut yesterday. I went to the Aveda training institute so it only cost $15. Not too shabby. And she did a pretty good job. No complaints!

On the menu:
Orange Chicken a la Jessica Durr a la Rachel Ray
Can't wait to try your recipe Jess!



  1. Definitely don't part with those pumps or that coat! Too cute!!!

  2. You are rockin those pumps...keep them for sure! Hope you like the chicken. Good to see you today even though it was short. All that running after Lexi really tired Emma out...and ME!

  3. Check out those legs!!
    Maybe we should plan to go to TJ Maxx when I come into town. :)


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