Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sure fire way to erase the blues

If you're looking for a sure fire way to erase the blues, I suggest you visit Miss Emma Durr. She's so sweet and CUTE! I went to see my lovely goddaughter (and her mother) yesterday afternoon. I'm still not quite over the funk of my failed attempt at IVF but seeing her face got me one step closer!

Yesterday morning I did our taxes and we will be getting some money back! YAY! We adjusted John's withholdings this year because last year we got a LOT of money back. At first this seems great but if you really think about it that means that we gave the government an interest free loan for the year. It's much better to break even.

Today I'm excited to be getting a haircut! I think it's been about a year! WHOA! Don't worry... I'm not chopping it all off again. I just need about an inch or two.

On the menu:

A large pot of taco soup and mexican cornbread!

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