Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm so nervous about my doctor's appt tomorrow. Will I be developing follicles? If so, how many? Will it be enough? Will my lining be ok? Probably not on the lining part but I should still have a week or so to build it. I'm just so amazed what they can do with the human body!

I have an interview today at 3 and another one tomorrow after my doctor's appt. The one today I'm not so sure about. It's really a bookkeeping job with maybe a splash of accounting. I am excited about the one tomorrow though. It seems like it would be a good job. It's preparing monthly financial statements and more accounting related work. I'm sure I could talk them into letting me do a little tax work as well. They seem really laid back. The lady I talked to is a friend of one of my "pit" girls so I think she would tell me if it was a terrible job. She said she is really happy there and that they're very family friendly with little overtime. Sounds good to me!

On the menu:
Last night we had meat and 3. I George Forman'd some chicken and made smashed potatoes, sweet peas, and skillet corn (from my Aunt Ann's garden). It was pretty darn tasty! John poured about a gallon of gravy on top of it all so I'm not sure that he could appreciate my intricate seasoning.
Tonight I'm making chicken and rice curry! I LOVE curry and so does John. Feel free to come over if you're in the mood for something spicy!


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