Friday, February 5, 2010

Why does my left ovary hate me?

Seriously left ovary!!! When I didn't want it to produce it would go crazy so of course now that I do want it to produce it's lazy! Why oh why does it hate me so?? As you can probably gather my appointment did not go very well this morning. The follicle on the right is mature at 1.9cm and there's one on the left at 1.6cm. I did have 8 in total with 6 being on the right and 2 on the left. 2! Yes I said 2! The 6 small ones are all smaller than 1.0cm so they're not sure if they'll have time to catch up before the big ones get too big. The nurse said that I had perplexed her and that she has to talk to the doctor to find out what I should do. I'm about 90% sure that they'll cancel my IVF though. Bright side - we finally got my right side going. Now if the left side would join in that would be great! If they cancel IVF she'll probably tell me to trigger tonight which means I will ovulate this weekend. We just need some good ole husband and wife time and maybe we'll make a baby without the petri dish. Just maybe....

To sum it up: 1 mature folly on the right (the good side) and 1 almost mature folly on the left with 6 very small ones lingering. Also my lining was only 7mm. It's supposed to be around 8mm for IVF so that's not good either. But 7mm is actually not so bad for me. Most of the time mine hangs around 6mm so I'm cool with that.

I'm heading down to T-town today to have lunch with my mom and sister. No cleaning and organizing for me today! YAY! John's getting Tristan tomorrow for the day so I might go get a pedicure or something to give them some alone time. Ooooo I almost forgot. Jess and Carrie went with me last night to the grand opening for the Aveda training institute. I made an appt to get my haircut for next Tuesday (they only charge $15!) But the best part is they only charge $14 for a pedicure! Ooh la la... count me in!


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