Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm at about 75% today. Up from about 60% yesterday so maybe I'll be 100% tomorrow. I still have A LOT of nasty stuff going on and my head hurts. But it's way better than the face explosion on Monday! :) I'm sure John didn't have this in mind when he married me. Every now and then he'll look at me when I'm blowing my nose or coughing something up and say "You are so good looking!" I remind him that he vowed in sickness or health!

Fig Tree News: We split the fig tree into two trees. I need some advice on the one below. If you look closely, all of the leaves are growing off one stem that came from the trunk. Should we bury the whole trunk so that this stem would be the new trunk when we plant it? I don't think anything else is going to grow out of that trunk.

Fertility News: I go in tomorrow for my first folly check. We hope to see 10-12 follicles growing at around 10-12mm each. I won't update the blog until tomorrow afternoon when I get the blood results back. Anticipation...


  1. You know I don't know anything about trees...I can't help you there. I consider it a success if it just keeps living. Glad you're starting to feel better! Can't wait for the update tomorrow.

  2. See you tomorrow for lunch. I can lend no help on growing a tree - sorry!!


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