Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

It has been a gorgeous weekend in Birmingham, AL! Tristan is having her first softball tournament of the Spring and I am so happy it's warm! They have been doing great so far. They demolished the competition in yesterday's two games! They won 19-1 and 11-4. They have several more games today starting at 1:30.

Here's a video of Tristan hitting a double. She batted in two runners!

Jess and I also went to Mary Lynne's 1st birthday party yesterday. I can't believe she and Emma are getting so big! Thanks to Rhonda for a fabulous party with great food and a sweet little girl to enjoy! John took the camera to Tristan's softball game so I didn't get any pics.

I do have a picture of the fam for my Dad's birthday lunch though. I haven't mentioned dying my hair again b/c it maybe changed by 1 shade. I must not have left the color in long enough. See if you can tell the difference...

And here's a pic of me and my Dad.

      • Fertility News: I miscalculated my appt date. I have an appt Mar 9th which is Tuesday... not tomorrow. So we'll have to wait one more day to get my schedule.


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      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to the par-tay. ML's diaper bag and pj drawer are smelling so good!! Sandner has said I can use the extra room as a sewing room - maybe you and JDurr can come over and we can figure out how to whip up our own. Em might faint if we figure out how to sew :0)


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