Friday, March 26, 2010

Blood Drama

Janet (the IVF nurse) called yesterday afternoon. It's never good when they call. Usually they just leave a message in my voicemail box with blood results. The IVF stuff was good but my hematocrit was high from my CBC. I have noticed in the past that this is usually borderline high. If it's too low it's a determination of anemia. So I guess I'm the opposite of anemic. She said it could be from dehydration so she wanted me to drink gallons of water and come back this morning for more blood. I made the appt but then immediately regretted not pushing her to just let me check it on Sunday since I'll already be giving blood. So this morning I called and tried to talk them out of it. They said the orders came from the big dog herself so they couldn't let me slide. BOO! So I drove 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back for them to draw blood that took 10 min! AND - they had to get it out of my hand so they could save my good vein for Sunday! Poor hand! At least she did get it on the first try though. She said my veins are so small it was like threading a needle. She actually called over another nurse so there was one nurse holding the skin on my hand tight and the other nurse was sticking and digging. The NP walked by and looked confused. I told her that I'm a VIP and need two nurses! CURSE these tiny veins. Hopefully I'll get a call this afternoon that I am fine and all is good!

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