Monday, March 8, 2010

Got my IVF Calendar

It's still beautiful here! Do you know what happens ALL DAY on beautiful days??? Lexi whimpers at the door, then the window, then she comes to find me and whimpers some more! It's driving me crazy! So I've been a bad mom and giving in! I know this is only rewarding the behavior. I know it's only going to make her do it more. But I can't stop myself when she gives me those super sad eyes and that little whimper.

Tristan's team came in 2nd place at her tournament. There were lots of teams so that's really good. There were some teams from Georgia and Florida too.

  • Fertility News - I got my calendar in the mail! It is a longer process but it starts soon! I start Lupron injections tomorrow night! Whoa! And - I'm off the BCPs Thursday night. Even though that stuff is soon, I don't actually start the stimulation meds until 3/21. So I will be on the Lupron 12 days before I start stimming. Lupron injections supress the ovaries so she's hoping this will keep one follicle from going crazy while the others are slowly progressing. Hopefully they'll all progress at the same time! I must say that I wasn't prepared to start injections again tomorrow. My bruises just faded from my last cycle!


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