Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How I'm Feeling

With all of the follicle and doctor updates I haven't been able to express the way I feel right now. In one word... HUGE! Haha! I feel and look like I'm about 4 or 5 months pregnant. I'm swollen, bloated and irritable. John's such a lucky man! I haven't been too bad temperament wise (at least I don't think I have been). The other day I did want to rip off John's face though. Sunday we both had to start taking an antibiotic. I waddled over to bring him the pill and then had to explain what it was because he has no idea what is going on EVER! Then he had the audacity to complain about having to take the antibiotics. I thought I would lose it. REALLY - he was complaining about taking one pill! Actually, with his vitamin he takes two pills... OMG poor him! Meanwhile, he's stabbing me with two shots a night and my ovaries are growing to the size of softballs. AND - I have to take about 8 pills a day. But by all means... please complain about the antibiotic! OK the rant is over and Good Wife is back in control. I have to give him credit b/c he has been great most of the time. He rubs my back every night before I go to sleep to relax me. I guess I'll keep him. Here's a pic of my swollen belly. This was taken this morning so it's not due to eating a meal. I can't even suck it in!
Not only am I huge but I am starving all of the time!! I've been trying to eat healthy for my little eggies (no wine, no soda, low sugar, low flour) but I have broken down a time or two for some ice cream. So I'm starving but I'll eat a few bites and feel terrible b/c I'm so bloated. It's a vicious cycle. Last night I made the Bang Bang Chicken with a lot of veggies and brown rice. YUM.
Also, Josh brought us our lights yesterday! Now we just have to hang them. I smell another 3 months with no lights!I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow so I'm going to try to relax today. I have an appt to meet with a new recruiter at 10 am. That makes 3 recruiters in total. Hopefully one of them can find me a job! But that's about it for the day. Maybe I'll go see Jess and Emma for a bit too. Then I have to prepare tonight for tomorrow. And by prepare I mean an enema! A WHAT? Yes an enema! John was with me when the nurse was giving the instructions and I thought he would vomit. So gross! I hope I create a baby for all of this!!


  1. I just laughed so loudly about you wanting to rip John's face off. Reminds me of someone saying I'll take my shoe off and beat you with it. Not sure who that was. :) I love you and am praying for you today with the recruiter and tomorrow for egg retrieval!

  2. Just know you aren't the only one having to take an enema tonight. :) Big day for us tomorrow! Yeah!!!

  3. Good luck with tonight and I know how you feel when it come to our husbands complaining I have to take my husband his pill and he complains everytime I just roll my eye and start giving myself shots, they truly dont know how lucky they are.
    Good luck with everything ;)

  4. Good luck! We'll see you this afternoon!

  5. I am so excited. I know what you are going thru with the big day coming up. Tell John to take his darn pills and hush hahaha We girls go thru alot to try and produce their offspring haha You are soooo close yet still alot to do in the IVF world.

  6. Praying for sweet girl! I love your lights! I would volunteer to hang them right up for you, however if that occured you would not only NOT have lights, but would probably have to replace your ceiling as well :)


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