Friday, March 12, 2010

Jess's Party

We had a great time last night! Here are a few pics of the evening.
The Birthday Girl had to take a shot! Look out how dainty she is doing it though!
They couldn't wait to cut the cake! It was delish!
She blew out all of the candles with one try. I hope her wish comes true!

I got jealous and had to try a bite myself! mmmmmm

Finally, here's the birthday girl wearing her button.


  1. What a par-tay! I love the cake tasting pics! I'm so glad I got to talk to y'all on the phone! I felt as if I was there! Love you guys!!

  2. I was glad you wanted to try the cake biting because it meant I was able to do it twice! haha :) Thanks for a great party!


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