Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poor Lil Emma

I babysat Emma last night so Josh and Jess could go out to eat for her birthday. I was warned before I got there that she was a bit sickly but I really thought Jess was just being a little over protective. But when I got there and heard that poor little girl cough I knew she was not feeling well. I'm thankful that Jess and Josh trust me enough to keep their little angel when she's feeling under the weather. Jess took her to the doctor yesterday and she has bronchialitis and a viral rash. She's still sweet even when she feels bad. Here's a picture of us watching Mickey Mouse together. The only time I could tell she was sick was when she coughed or when I tried to put her down to do something. There was no putting her down! She sat in my lap from 6:15 until I got her to fall asleep at 8:45. I loved that she was so cuddly but hate she was feeling bad. I hope she's doing better today.

Also, I would like to thank them for the ice cream! They stopped on their way home from dinner to get some. It was WAY more than I need but I had no problems woofing down the deliciousness!

We are finally getting my Jeep fixed today. For real this time! It's at the Jeep dealership now. So guess what that means... I have the Acura again today! Woop! Woop!

On the menu: Jess and Em are coming over tonight for a little girl time to celebrate Jess's b'day. I'm making a Baked Ziti with Garlic Bread. YUM. Why do I love food so much??


  1. I love food too! And I can't wait to see y'all tonight. Thanks so much for watching our little girl last night. I know she loved the cuddling as much as you did!

  2. I'm a foodie too! I'm sad I'm missing the shindig tonight!


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