Friday, April 30, 2010

Beach Bound!

AHHHH! Exactly what I need! A blissful beach vacation! Too bad it was cloudy and rainy today! Hopefully tomorrow we will have some clear skies. We didn't let the weather deter our good time though! My mom picked me up to go to the outlet mall at about 10:30 and we didn't get back until 5:00! We shopped till we dropped! You can't even imagine the deals I got today!

The run down:
Banana Republic - 2 pairs dress pants, 2 dressy tops, 1 dressy skirt, 1 pair of linen shorts, and three work shirts for John.
Total Bill = $124! Total saved = $214!
White House Black Market - 1 black dress for work
Total = $19.99. Reg Price = $79.00!
Reebok - Exertion Run II shoes
Total = $36.99. Reg Price = $64.99! It will be so much better walking Lexi in these lovelies!!

Cheers to vacations and great deals! They make this Alabama girl very happy! The only way it could be better is if my wonderful hubs was here with me!


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tristan tried out for volleyball yesterday and MADE IT! She was so excited when she called John to tell him! We're so proud of her and thrilled to watch her try out a new sport and make some new friends.

Today I have an interview for an Accountant/Facilities Manager position. This job has a little less room for growth and will not be as stressful than the other one from this week. I think it will be an 8-5 job with very little overtime. The pay is not the greatest but they may have some excellent benefits to make up for it. We'll see I suppose. After that I'm heading down to T-town to go to the beach with my sis!

Fertility News: I talked with a nurse today and got some more information about my newly diagnosed condition. She said Dr. H wants to put me on testosterone to shut my ovaries down and basically put me in a menopausal state! WHAT?!?! I'm going to be in menopause??? Ridiculous! So I asked the nurse to have Dr. H call me sometime in the next two weeks before I start my next period. If she's only doing this b/c of my pain... I can tough it out. I would much rather keep trying. However, if she thinks the adenomyosis is causing my infertility then I will do whatever treatment she sees fit to help me conceive a child! Even if that means weight gain, acne, facial hair growth, insomnia, hot flashes, voice deepening, decreased breast size and increased muscle mass. These are some of the side effects of the drug she wants me to take!!! Here's a little info from Dr. Google on my condition: Adenomyosis is uterine thickening that occurs when endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, moves into the outer muscular walls of the uterus. That doesn't sound too terrible. I've had worse issues so hopefully this will be easily corrected.

I had a fun day with Jess and Emma yesterday. I was exhausted when I got home! Jess actually left for a couple of hours and let me keep Emma by myself for a while. I'll leave you with some cute pics!

Here's a pic of her sharing her duck with me...
And here's a picture of her crawling towards me. She can walk now but she still likes to crawl too. I couldn't get her to take that ring out of her mouth for the pictures!xxoo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My interview went really well yesterday! They should be making a decision within the next two weeks. It seemed like a job that I would be well suited for so we'll see if they felt the same way. I also have an interview tomorrow morning at 9am. When it rains it pours! I'm not sure what the position is but I should find that out today. Exciting.

I spent the night with Jess and Emma last night and will be staying the day with them. I thought she could use the company and a little helper. She said she was just happy to have an adult to talk to but I plan to help as much as possible.

Guess where I'm going tomorrow: The BEACH! I'm leaving tomorrow after my interview. My sister and parents are both leaving at lunch time so I can ride down with either of them. Hopefully the interview won't be crazy long like today's... it was 3 hours!

Fertility News: I think there might be a problem. I received a call from my nurse while I was in the interview. I got the message after 5 so I couldn't call them back to get more details. But the message said that Dr. H wants me to schedule an appt for another saline u/s and an office visit to discuss some medication she wants me to take. Apparently she thinks my uterus doesn't look so good. If I have to take meds to decrease the endo and correct my uterus I'll have to wait even longer for the transfer. It upsets me but I am happy she's trying to make sure I have the best environment for my two little babies. This is probably our last chance so anything that will increase my chances are appreciated. I really don't think I can do another IVF cycle.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A List of Demands

I have an interview today for a Senior Financial Analyst position. This in no way has anything to do with my Masters in Tax so I'm a little bummed that the extra year of school might go to waste. But it is similar to what I did at Harbert. If you had told me when I was in the MTA program that in 5 years I would no longer be in tax but I would be working with asset backed security bonds, interest rate swaps and credit default obligations I probably would have cried. When I was at KPMG and one of my managers told me I should develop my niche in Hedge Funds, I wouldn't even consider it. Yet here I am, a few short years later, and I am actually excited about this interview today. I began to really enjoy the work at Harbert. There was always something new and exciting to learn. Then when the Goldman Sachs debacle happened a few weeks back, I read the story and understood exactly what happened. Three years ago my eyes would have glazed over and I would have stopped reading after the second sentence. I find it fascinating now how these giant companies are skirting the law with new and complex transactions. Don't get me wrong, I do not approve of what GS did, but it's still quite fascinating. I know - I am such a nerd! I just never thought I would be interested in this stuff! God sure does like to put all kinds of twists and turns in the road... keeps it interesting.

I have so many different directions I could go right now: A part-time job (3-4 days/wk), an easy full time job (low stress), or a career building, high stress, work my tail off position with great pay. If I knew I was for sure, never going to have a child I would most certainly choose a career building position. However, my life is again in limbo due to infertility! Therefore, I told John if I get (and accept) this high stress position, I have a list of demands to lower my stress level at home...

1. We will hire a maid to come in twice/mo
2. I can get a pedicure at least once/mo
3. I can get a massage once/mo
4. We can go out to eat once/week instead of once/mo
5. Upon acceptance of the job I can spend $500 on new work clothes (mine are pretty worn)
6. I also demand that he buy at least $250 in new work clothes (he's always complaining about his sparse wardrobe!)

These are my demands! I don't think they're too absurd....right?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Appointment Day - Updated

This weekend was pretty crazy! The people in the South know that Saturday brought some terrible storms. Luckily, our house didn't have any damage. We just had tons of branches all over the ground and my poor rose bush was blown over. I fixed her yesterday (she's a she b/c she's pink). John spent the day with Tristan so I cleaned the house and cut some coupons... big fun. Jess called at around 6pm asking if I wanted to go to a movie. UM Yeah! I was quite bored so I was very pleased she invited me. Here's a pic of some roses from my yard...
Yesterday we did a good bit of yard work and my parents drove up and brought us some fencing for the back yard. I'm not sure how or when we'll get it up but we certainly appreciate it! We would love to have a fenced in back yard for Lil Lexi to run around. Look at this sweet pic of her cuddling with her Daddy's shorts!

Fertility News: I have my appt with Dr. H this morning to discuss the long awaited transfer. Hopefully she'll be able to plan my cycle so that I'll be able to transfer soon after the Canada trip.

UPDATE: We discussed a lot during my appt today. Dr. H said she is running a whole pannel of blood work before we do the transfer to make sure I'm completely healthy. When I told her my arm was still sore from the IV she said she was going to place a formal complaint with the hospital. Apparently they're not supposed to run antibiotics into an IV without saline to dilute it. It can "burn" the vein. That's what happened to me. Warm compresses should help. She also decided that my endometriosis is definitely back. We have to get pregnant soon! The only therapy for endo is BCPs. But obviously I can't be on BCPs and get pregnant! She said there was some research on a drug (Letrozole) that will help with the endo but still allow me to ovulate. She suggested I do that next month instead of the BCPs so that I won't "waste" a cycle. I suppose I can handle that. It's a bit of a gamble b/c I may get cysts. But she said my chances were low on this medication of developing cysts. She also did an u/s and found a follicle or cyst on the right and a follicle or cyst on the left. It's hard to tell the difference in follicles and cysts so we don't know which side I'll ovulate on. However, my lining was WAY too thin (4mm) rememeber it's supposed to be at least 8mm. So even if I ovulate on the right this month my lining wouldn't support the pregnancy. BUMMER. To sum it up: I may ovulate this month on the right but it won't matter b/c of my lining. After I get my period I will start Letrozole to hopefully make follicles on both ovaries again. If I'm not pregnant after that... I will do the FET(frozen embryo transfer) in June.
Ending with some great news!! John's swimmers were of great quality at the retrieval! You may remember that he didn't have a problem with count or motility but he had some issues with morphology. They want him to have >14%. He had 6% one time, then 7%, then 9%. This time he had 18%!!! WOW!! Those FertilityBlend for Men vitamins I got him really worked! I'm off to write a raving review on their website!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Belated Earth Day

I didn't even realize yesterday was Earth Day when I posted on composting! I guess every day is Earth Day to me! I don't know how an Alabama girl got so green but somehow I did. I feel like God wanted someone to care about His planet even in the south!

My meeting with the recruiter went well yesterday. She said she was going to send my resume in for a Controller position... which scares me. I'm at this weird place in my career. Usually a company will promote to manager at around 5 years of experience. I have 4 1/2 years. So I'm overqualified for a staff position but underqualified for a management position. I'm stuck in the middle again. I told her I was not opposed to starting out at staff and hopefully moving up within a couple of years. One of my other recruiters got me an interview with an insurance company for an accounting position. I think it's management level but it's accounting for securities (what I did at Harbert) and I don't think there are a lot of people with that experience. I have that interview either Monday or Tuesday. So it looks like the market may be looking up...


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm trying out composting. I bought a small bin and I've been putting kitchen scraps and brown leaves in it (apparently you need browns and greens for it to work). It's a lot smellier than I thought it would be. P....U.... But hopefully in a month or two I'll have some nice compost to fertilize my jalapenos, tomatoes, fig trees, cilantro, parsley and basil! Who needs a grocery store???

I have an appt this morning with one of my recruiters. I'll let you know if anything comes of the meeting. Sometimes they get you all excited by asking you to come in but then it's for some job that is totally not suitable. Also, my dear sister, Julie, is coming up for lunch. We haven't seen each other for our bithdays so we're celebrating again!!

Here's another quote from my Sex and the City counterpart:

Charlotte York: When did it become fall?
Anthony: Somewhere between your ovaries and my boredom.

I don't want to be "that woman" who always talks about her infertility! It's so easy to get lost in it and for time to fly by. I don't want to come up for air and realize it's fall! That's why I'm so happy I started this blog. If you only know me from my posts you probably would think it's all I talk about. However, the blog helps me update friends and family and vent my fears and frustrations so that I don't really talk about infertility in my day to day life. Thanks for reading so I can live somewhat of a normal life!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Visiting the T.O.

We booked our annual trip to Toronto!! We're heading out June 2nd and will return June 9th. John is a little bummed that it's such a short visit (we usually go for 10 days) but we couldn't make it work out to stay longer. We were supposed to go during Spring Break but my IVF interfered with the schedule. That's why we decided to wait a couple of months to do the transfer of the snowbabies until after we get back from this trip. I'm so tired of putting my life on hold due to infertility! Also, traveling invigorates me and helps me to de-stress... I'll be healthy and rested when we return and I'll have a nice, cushy womb for those babies!

Finally some work related news!! I got calls from two of my recruiters yesterday. Seems like the job market might be turning around. Hopefully the companies will like my resume and I'll get some interviews soon. It figures that right when I start letting myself enjoy these few months of freedom that I would get some prospects! I'm not complaining though. This whole experience has proven that I am the type who needs to work... at least until John and I can retire together. It's boring sitting at home alone all day!!

Lastly, I want to wish my brother-in-law, Chris, a very Happy Birthday! We'll see you soon!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Let There Be Light

A HUGE THANK YOU to Josh for coming over most of the day yesterday to install our lights! They look great! I am so excited to show you...

I woke up to a wonderful text message this morning! It was my dear friend Gloria saying she got engaged last night! CONGRATS Gloria! I'm so happy for you!!

Fertility News: My appt with Dr. H to discuss when we'll actually do the transfer is Monday of next week. We're strongly considering a Canada trip at the beginning of June so maybe when we get back from that... Also, I mentioned last week that my IVF buddy, Kara, would get her results. Some of you have asked about her so it is with terrible sadness that I say it didn't work. My heart goes out to her!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date Night

We had a great date night Friday night! Lots of fun! Here are a couple of pics... notice my other new outfit ;) You can't see them but I'm wearing matching red pumps and jeans. John's eyes are looking a good bit better but you can still see a hint of bruising.


Also, Happy Birthday (yesterday) to LL!

We love you guys! I'm proud to share my birth month with you!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I felt fabulous yesterday! FABULOUS! I'm not sure why but I hope it sticks around! I took Lexi for two long walks, planted some jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro and parsley, met up with the Harbert Girls for a drink and then headed over to Kelli's for Supper Club fun! Thanks for the tasty cake Stace! Notice my new outfit... maybe I'm still high from the retail therapy!
Top row left to right: Carrie, Kelli, Stacey, Jenn L
Bottom row: Me, Kelly, Christie
Tonight John and I celebrate my belated birthday and the 5 year anniversary of our meeting. It seems like yesterday that I wrote my number on that napkin and he kissed me on the cheek with a wink and "I'll call you." He was so smooth.... and dreamy....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me - Again!

Let's just call it my birth month!! Last night my girls threw me a little party for my belated birthday. Jess made panko crusted chicken with a tomato and basil sauce and sweet potato fries! YUM! AND - she made me a chocolate praline cake (see below) that was sinful! Thanks for the wonderful evening and thanks for the Ross Bridge gift card! I can't wait for us all to get our massages and lounge by the pool! Oh Pool Boy.... bring me a tasty beverage!!!

I can't wait to see my Harbert Ladies and Supper Club Girls tonight!

Unrelated news: While I was living it up last night, John had another soccer game. I am pleased to announce that he didn't come home bleeding or broken! The nose looks better but both of his eyes are black now. He really hopes they heal by this weekend so he isn't mercilessly teased by his brethren. This is his alumni weekend... I'm sure I'll hear lots of the old glory days of soccer!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Social Calendar

I had so much fun shopping yesterday. I got three new tops! The spree is spilling over into today because Belk is having a SALE! I really want some cute sandals to wear with my cute new tops. There's nothing like a little retail therapy!

I feel more and more like me again with every passing day. This week my social calendar is chugging full so that should definitely help me get back into the swing of things. Tonight I have dinner with Jess, Em and Rach (maybe - if she can get off work in time) for a belated birthday. Tomorrow night I have drinks with the Harbert Girls and Supper Club. These people planned events on the same night last time too! So I'm planning to hang with Harbert Girls a bit and then run over to Supper Club fashionably late. Friday night we're having a date night! It will be 5 years since John and I met! So Jess, Josh, John and I are going to Surin for dinner and then over to Highlands (where we met) for a drink. Whew! I'm diving back into the deep end of the social scene and I love it!

Fertility news: With the arrival of Mother Nature yesterday, we were faced with a decision. I for sure have to take one month off to let my body rest but I'm contemplating more. I just want to be normal for a little while. If we were going to try right away I would need to be on BCPs. I don't want extra hormones! So I'm not doing the BCPs this month. That means when I go in at the beginning of my next cycle I'll probably have cysts and have to wait a month on BCPs to get rid of them. So we're looking at two and a half months until we transfer the babies.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kara today! She's my IVF buddy that was right on track with me every step of the way. It's weird how our journey's were so similar... until my infection. She finds out today if her transfer worked. I should have been finding out today if I was pregnant too. I can't believe it's already time! I guess time doesn't drag on so slowly when you're not waiting for the results. So weird... anyway, Good Luck Kara!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day For Me

I've been down. I have. I tried not to be but I couldn't shake it. Then I would feel ridiculously guilty for being depressed because even though I am jobless and babyless right now I have a wonderful life. I could have been born with a disability or in a 3rd world country where I would have to walk miles for clean water and food. But I wasn't. Who am I to feel sad about my life? I was chatting with a friend yesterday who is also feeling a bit down. We were sharing our woes. As I was typing "Well at least you have a reason to feel down" I saw it pop up on my screen. She was feeling the exact same way I was... guilty for being down when we have such blessed lives. Why can we have so much compassion for others but not for ourselves? That's when I thought about what REALLY happened over the past month. The ups, the downs, the hormones, the sicknesses, the frozen embryos, the birthday, the emotions... no wonder I'm not myself!

The past month has been the wildest roller coaster of my life! It started with a sinus infection (aka - face explosion), then we added an obscene amount of hormones to the mix, then a sudden stoppage of the hormones and a surgery to remove the eggs, then emotions as we learned that I do have an egg quality issue, then a crippling infection, then we learned we created life but they're going to have to be frozen, then nausea.... oh the nausea! Whoa! That is a lot of stuff for one month! I can't believe I survived it! But I did! And today with the arrival of Mother Nature, a new month has began. My hormones are leveling out, I'm off all antibiotics as of tonight, the nausea has subsided and I'm starting to feel like myself again. So today I am going to have a me day. I'm going shopping with my birthday money and treating my hubby to dinner.

You see I finally mentioned the hubby.... There are a lot of "I"s in the above paragraph! He's been so good to me over the last month. I feel like I have taken and taken from him with nothing to give in return. So today is for me but one day soon will be for him! Maybe one day this weekend... anyone have any great ideas for spoiling a deserving husband???

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Truth About Soccer

It's a dangerous, bloody, violent sport! I am always scared when John goes to play that he will come back with something broken or bleeding and usually he does. Last night was no exception. Before I could even see him he said, "I think I broke my nose." Then I saw this...He asked me to look at it to see if it was broken. I've never had a broken nose!! I don't know! I suggested we go to the hospital but he wouldn't go. He said it probably isn't so he cleaned it up, slathered some neosporin on it and went on about his business. Such a tough guy! If that happened to me I'd probably be in the hospital for 5 days! haha! He has a pretty bad black eye today but his nose is looking a bit better.

This weekend was really nice. Tristan had a tourney in Tuscaloosa so we stayed Sat night at my parents house. Mom made me some chicken 'n dumplins! Yum!

Last night I finished off two of my antibiotics so I'm down to one (3 pills/day). Those will end Wed and I should be good as new~


Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet The Snowbabies

Here's a picture of the babies! Dr. H said they are really pretty! I guess we should expect that considering their parents' good looks! haha!
Thanks again to my lovely Harbert ladies who sent me these beautiful flowers yesterday! They brightened my day! Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family for the Birthday wishes! It was good day! My parents came up and took us out to dinner. They got me a green purse I wanted and then some cashola for something else I may want.
This weekend Tristan has a tournament in Tuscaloosa so we're going to stay the night with my parents. I don't think I'm up for sitting all day in the sun so I'll probably hang around the house. However, I think I should be able to muster up enough energy to go get a pedicure...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

I actually got to sleep in my own bed last night and my pregnant looking belly is starting to shrink! Life is good! Although, our air conditioner is broken upstairs so I think I sweated away my belly. It is soooo hot up there! I told John he has to call someone to fix it soon or I'm sleeping downstairs on the couch!

He was very sweet this morning. He rolled over and tried to hug me and said "happy birthday baby." To which I quickly swatted him away and said "Are you crazy? It's 5000 degrees up here and you're trying to hug me?" Probably not the best response I could have given him right? Oh well. He wasn't deterred. He left and a few minutes later came back with a cake (candles lit and all) and told me to make a wish. I think we all know what that wish was for! My precious snowbabies!

I was trying to sleep in but I kept hearing my phone. Every time it rang or buzzed with a text message it made me feel loved. Then I got to my email where I had over 40 messages! WOW! This has been a great and loving start to my day! Thanks to everyone!

My mom and dad are coming this afternoon. They wanted to take us to eat but I'm still nauseous most of the day. So maybe they can just pick me up something very bland on the way.

Also, my Nana is out of surgery and doing well. Praise the Lord!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Busting Out of Here!

Good thing Dr. H is letting me go home today! I was going home even if I had to sneak out and hitchhike in my medical gown! I was completely fever free all night! YAY!

Jess, Josh, and Emma came by last night even though I told them not to. It was good to see them though. I always love seeing Emma for sure! :)

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and well wishes! They really mean a lot to me!

Happy Birthday to my older sister Julie! haha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Hospital Update

Well guys... I'm still in the hospital. I have to stay another night. I'm scared to say one more night b/c that's what Dr. H keeps telling me but it doesn't happen! When she came by at 5 today she said my CT looked good so she still doesn't know what's causing the infection. She wants me to get in one more day of antibiotics since my temp was 99.8 most of the day. ( I thought I was doing well since it was under 100).

Several people have asked what room I'm in so they can come and see me but I keep telling them not to come because I should be getting out soon. So don't feel bad if you were one of those people. I look terrible and most of the time would probably not be good company. I sleep most of the day b/c I'm on phenegran. And the rest of the day I chill out and watch some TV. It's been kind of like staying in a hotel if you don't count the part where I have an IV and get my vital signs measured every few hours! haha!

As long as I don't run a temp the rest of the night she said she would discharge me in the morning. She also mentioned that our two babies froze beautifully. So we have two snowbabies waiting on me!

Prayer request: My Nana fell yesterday at her house and hit her head. They took her to the hospital where they realized she had a very low heart rate which is probably what caused her fainting. She's getting a pace maker on Thursday to help her out with that.

STILL In the Hospital - updated

My temp went back up last night so I had to stay in the hospital. I woke up bright and early this morning to drink some dishwater tasting liquid for a CT scan. Hopefully this will diagnose the problem. I've been on some super strong antibiotics since Saturday so I don't why I would still be getting temp surges at night.

The nurse just came in to say that the CT didn't show an abscess. So that's great news. Also, I haven't had a temp today so I should be able to go home when Dr. H comes by this afternoon! YAY! I miss my lil Lexi!


Monday, April 5, 2010


Dr. Honea just came by and said that if I'm fever free for the rest of the day that she'll let me go home late tonight. Woohoo! I will be going home with three different antibiotics and instructions to call her if my fever comes back. It's been hovering at 99.8 all day. She also brought us a picture of the two embabies they're freezing. She said one is very good and the other is pretty good. She also told me that the 4th embaby stopped growing and the third was of terrible quality so she won't be freezing it or transferring it.

The good news is that I should get my period within the next two weeks and then I can go directly into a new cycle. She said I shouldn't have to do the BCPs again unless I have cysts... but you know I always have cysts! So I'll probably have to do a couple of weeks of BCPs and then start my transfer cycle. Hopefully we'll be able to do the transfer in about 6 weeks. Please pray that they survive the freezing and thawing!

As for how I'm feeling: I'm ok. Not great but not terrible. I'm extremely bloated and still nauseous quite a bit but other than that I'm doing pretty well. They still don't know exactly where the infection is other than somewhere in my lower abdomen.

Thanks for your continued love and prayers!

One last thing: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Still in the Hospital....

Hello All,

This is Julie, Jaime's sister. She is feeling better but still in the hospital. She asked me to update everyone because she is unable to get online currently.

She has to spend another 24 hours in the hospital since she was running a fever again yesterday. 3 antibiotics and still running a fever.... She must be fever free for 24 hours before they will release her. They also needed her to be fever free 24 hours prior to implantation today. Unfortunately due to her fever yesterday Dr. H. let her know that they would have to wait a month for implantation.

Dr. H. called again this morning to let Jaime know that 2 embabies would be frozen. She is currently trying to get more information on the other 2 embabies. We are not sure as to the exact status of them.

When I spoke with Jaime about posting for her I asked about naming the post "Good News and Bad News... Again". She asked me "But what is the good news?" I told her that she had 2 strong embabies that will be able to be implanted as soon as she gets strong and healthy again. That being said, everyone say an extra prayer for Jaime, John and the embabies today. The process is hard enough when things are going smoothly, I can only imagine the added stress with compounding problems. That being said for the most part she seemed in fairly good spirits. She definately wants what is best for those embabies.

Also Jaime's birthday is Thursday so wishing she is feeling much better by then.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I did not envision spending Easter in the hospital. I planned to go to church with my handsome husband, Jess, Josh and my lovely goddaughter. However, I spent the night getting monitored every two hours and then the best part... three blown veins at 6am. Ahhhh. What a lovely way to start the day. They gave up on trying to draw blood but I hear the in-charge nurse is headed this way to try again. I sure do hope I can transfer these embabies tomorrow. I don't know if I can go through this again!

Update - The in-charge nurse got me on the first try! Thank goodness! Dr. Houserman came by and said that in the 20 years she's been doing retrievals she's only seen this once. So Dr. Honea has never seen it and Dr. Houserman only once. How do you like those odds?

The good news is that I haven't been above 100 since yesterday afternoon. She said if I stay below 100 today and tonight that they'll do the transfer tomorrow. So I'll be here one more night (booo) but I should be able to transfer tomorrow (yay)! I'm praying I have some strong embabies to transfer tomorrow!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good News and Bad News

I'll give you the bad news first so I can end with the good news. I'm in the hospital. I had a fever spike yesterday so Dr. H called me in an antibiotic b/c she thought it was a UTI. I woke up several times during the night feeling terrible and even threw up 3 times. I figured it was the antibiotic making me sick. Dr. H told me to come in this morning for some tests. My blood work didn't really show anything was wrong except dehydration. She said in all of the years she's been doing retrievals she has NEVER seen an unexplained fever spike between retrieval and transfer. Of course I would be the first!! She recommended that I be admitted to the hospital because I obviously have some sort of an infection. She wants to be very aggressive so that hopefully I'll be better by Monday for transfer. If I'm not better by then she'll have to freeze the embryos and transfer them next month.... boooo! So let's pray I get better quickly!

The good news is that all three embryos are doing well and still going strong. AND - one of the other two did fertilize and has now started growing. So I have 4 embabies growing! The fourth one is way behind so she's not giving it much hope but I am super excited about it!

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Perspective

I was sitting outside yesterday afternoon feeling a little sad about my 3 embryos (sunlight always makes me feel better.) All of a sudden I got a new perspective. We have three little miracles growing. As of right now I'm a mother to three embabies! I shouldn't dwell on those that were lost... I need to focus on the positive. We have three embabies that are a little piece of me and a little piece of John. I took another step! I made it through retrieval, I did actually have some eggs and some did fertilize! Now I will pray that they keep growing and make it to transfer on Monday. I've done all that I can do for these babies... God will determine their fate.

The embryologist should call tomorrow telling us how many are still going. This is the longest wait ever! I know I'll say that about the wait from Saturday to Monday too. And then I'll say it again after the transfer when we're waiting for the pregnancy test! So much waiting! For now we request that you please pray for our babies!

Thanks for all of the prayers for my nephew! He got out of the hospital yesterday.
Happy Good Friday!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fertility Report

My numbers were not good. Only 5 eggs were mature and only 3 fertilized. So right now we have three little embryos growing. She said they would call me back Saturday with a progress report and I'm scheduled for transfer on Monday. This means that I was kicked out of the shared risk plan so this is our only shot! Pray that these 3 embryos keep growing!

I'm still pretty sore. I don't know how my new friend Kara went back to work today. It feels like I did a million crunches! And then if I make a sudden movement I get a bolt of pain. As long as I lie still I don't really feel much pain though. So that's what I've been doing.

John was very sweet and attentive after the surgery. He got my meds, sushi and a pizza. He wanted me to have my favorites!

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