Monday, April 26, 2010

Appointment Day - Updated

This weekend was pretty crazy! The people in the South know that Saturday brought some terrible storms. Luckily, our house didn't have any damage. We just had tons of branches all over the ground and my poor rose bush was blown over. I fixed her yesterday (she's a she b/c she's pink). John spent the day with Tristan so I cleaned the house and cut some coupons... big fun. Jess called at around 6pm asking if I wanted to go to a movie. UM Yeah! I was quite bored so I was very pleased she invited me. Here's a pic of some roses from my yard...
Yesterday we did a good bit of yard work and my parents drove up and brought us some fencing for the back yard. I'm not sure how or when we'll get it up but we certainly appreciate it! We would love to have a fenced in back yard for Lil Lexi to run around. Look at this sweet pic of her cuddling with her Daddy's shorts!

Fertility News: I have my appt with Dr. H this morning to discuss the long awaited transfer. Hopefully she'll be able to plan my cycle so that I'll be able to transfer soon after the Canada trip.

UPDATE: We discussed a lot during my appt today. Dr. H said she is running a whole pannel of blood work before we do the transfer to make sure I'm completely healthy. When I told her my arm was still sore from the IV she said she was going to place a formal complaint with the hospital. Apparently they're not supposed to run antibiotics into an IV without saline to dilute it. It can "burn" the vein. That's what happened to me. Warm compresses should help. She also decided that my endometriosis is definitely back. We have to get pregnant soon! The only therapy for endo is BCPs. But obviously I can't be on BCPs and get pregnant! She said there was some research on a drug (Letrozole) that will help with the endo but still allow me to ovulate. She suggested I do that next month instead of the BCPs so that I won't "waste" a cycle. I suppose I can handle that. It's a bit of a gamble b/c I may get cysts. But she said my chances were low on this medication of developing cysts. She also did an u/s and found a follicle or cyst on the right and a follicle or cyst on the left. It's hard to tell the difference in follicles and cysts so we don't know which side I'll ovulate on. However, my lining was WAY too thin (4mm) rememeber it's supposed to be at least 8mm. So even if I ovulate on the right this month my lining wouldn't support the pregnancy. BUMMER. To sum it up: I may ovulate this month on the right but it won't matter b/c of my lining. After I get my period I will start Letrozole to hopefully make follicles on both ovaries again. If I'm not pregnant after that... I will do the FET(frozen embryo transfer) in June.
Ending with some great news!! John's swimmers were of great quality at the retrieval! You may remember that he didn't have a problem with count or motility but he had some issues with morphology. They want him to have >14%. He had 6% one time, then 7%, then 9%. This time he had 18%!!! WOW!! Those FertilityBlend for Men vitamins I got him really worked! I'm off to write a raving review on their website!



  1. I love that picture of Lexi! She's so cute. And thanks for going with me to the movie and helping me make a dent in the popcorn. :)

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