Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A List of Demands

I have an interview today for a Senior Financial Analyst position. This in no way has anything to do with my Masters in Tax so I'm a little bummed that the extra year of school might go to waste. But it is similar to what I did at Harbert. If you had told me when I was in the MTA program that in 5 years I would no longer be in tax but I would be working with asset backed security bonds, interest rate swaps and credit default obligations I probably would have cried. When I was at KPMG and one of my managers told me I should develop my niche in Hedge Funds, I wouldn't even consider it. Yet here I am, a few short years later, and I am actually excited about this interview today. I began to really enjoy the work at Harbert. There was always something new and exciting to learn. Then when the Goldman Sachs debacle happened a few weeks back, I read the story and understood exactly what happened. Three years ago my eyes would have glazed over and I would have stopped reading after the second sentence. I find it fascinating now how these giant companies are skirting the law with new and complex transactions. Don't get me wrong, I do not approve of what GS did, but it's still quite fascinating. I know - I am such a nerd! I just never thought I would be interested in this stuff! God sure does like to put all kinds of twists and turns in the road... keeps it interesting.

I have so many different directions I could go right now: A part-time job (3-4 days/wk), an easy full time job (low stress), or a career building, high stress, work my tail off position with great pay. If I knew I was for sure, never going to have a child I would most certainly choose a career building position. However, my life is again in limbo due to infertility! Therefore, I told John if I get (and accept) this high stress position, I have a list of demands to lower my stress level at home...

1. We will hire a maid to come in twice/mo
2. I can get a pedicure at least once/mo
3. I can get a massage once/mo
4. We can go out to eat once/week instead of once/mo
5. Upon acceptance of the job I can spend $500 on new work clothes (mine are pretty worn)
6. I also demand that he buy at least $250 in new work clothes (he's always complaining about his sparse wardrobe!)

These are my demands! I don't think they're too absurd....right?


  1. I vote YES to your list of demands. I told Chad we would be almost destitute before I give up my cleaning ladies. When you have a child and work the last thing you want to do on the weekends is clean. When we were faced with infertility and then adoption I had to take the best job with the best pay to afford the expense of adoption. I know it is a tough decision on the job front but women take jobs all of the time and then become moms after the fact. Good luck with the interview and even better luck with John and that list HA!!

  2. I like the demands...you deserve all that stuff now! Hope your interview is going well.

  3. I think that is a reasonable list of demands and it would definitely keep the stress in your life at a minimum.



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