Monday, April 5, 2010

Still in the Hospital....

Hello All,

This is Julie, Jaime's sister. She is feeling better but still in the hospital. She asked me to update everyone because she is unable to get online currently.

She has to spend another 24 hours in the hospital since she was running a fever again yesterday. 3 antibiotics and still running a fever.... She must be fever free for 24 hours before they will release her. They also needed her to be fever free 24 hours prior to implantation today. Unfortunately due to her fever yesterday Dr. H. let her know that they would have to wait a month for implantation.

Dr. H. called again this morning to let Jaime know that 2 embabies would be frozen. She is currently trying to get more information on the other 2 embabies. We are not sure as to the exact status of them.

When I spoke with Jaime about posting for her I asked about naming the post "Good News and Bad News... Again". She asked me "But what is the good news?" I told her that she had 2 strong embabies that will be able to be implanted as soon as she gets strong and healthy again. That being said, everyone say an extra prayer for Jaime, John and the embabies today. The process is hard enough when things are going smoothly, I can only imagine the added stress with compounding problems. That being said for the most part she seemed in fairly good spirits. She definately wants what is best for those embabies.

Also Jaime's birthday is Thursday so wishing she is feeling much better by then.


  1. Hey Haime-
    Keep up the good spirits and you'll make it. The power of prayer can be amazing and you have many coming your way:). I said an extra Easter prayer for you yesterday and also a special prayer when I found a coin on heads last week! I'll keep praying until the miracle happens! You've already shown that you are one who falls into those impossible odds (Drs H never seeing or seeing this happen only once), sometimes they aren't the ones you want, but maybe it will flip-flop and you will be a mother despite the odds! I'm routin for ya girlie!!!

  2. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I am actually glad they are making you wait. I have heard that sometimes when you body is so overstimulated from retreival (or in your case the fever) it is best to wait. I was hesitant about the frozen cycle, but it seems my body liked that better. Stay positive and know that everyone is still praying!


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