Monday, April 12, 2010

The Truth About Soccer

It's a dangerous, bloody, violent sport! I am always scared when John goes to play that he will come back with something broken or bleeding and usually he does. Last night was no exception. Before I could even see him he said, "I think I broke my nose." Then I saw this...He asked me to look at it to see if it was broken. I've never had a broken nose!! I don't know! I suggested we go to the hospital but he wouldn't go. He said it probably isn't so he cleaned it up, slathered some neosporin on it and went on about his business. Such a tough guy! If that happened to me I'd probably be in the hospital for 5 days! haha! He has a pretty bad black eye today but his nose is looking a bit better.

This weekend was really nice. Tristan had a tourney in Tuscaloosa so we stayed Sat night at my parents house. Mom made me some chicken 'n dumplins! Yum!

Last night I finished off two of my antibiotics so I'm down to one (3 pills/day). Those will end Wed and I should be good as new~


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