Monday, April 5, 2010


Dr. Honea just came by and said that if I'm fever free for the rest of the day that she'll let me go home late tonight. Woohoo! I will be going home with three different antibiotics and instructions to call her if my fever comes back. It's been hovering at 99.8 all day. She also brought us a picture of the two embabies they're freezing. She said one is very good and the other is pretty good. She also told me that the 4th embaby stopped growing and the third was of terrible quality so she won't be freezing it or transferring it.

The good news is that I should get my period within the next two weeks and then I can go directly into a new cycle. She said I shouldn't have to do the BCPs again unless I have cysts... but you know I always have cysts! So I'll probably have to do a couple of weeks of BCPs and then start my transfer cycle. Hopefully we'll be able to do the transfer in about 6 weeks. Please pray that they survive the freezing and thawing!

As for how I'm feeling: I'm ok. Not great but not terrible. I'm extremely bloated and still nauseous quite a bit but other than that I'm doing pretty well. They still don't know exactly where the infection is other than somewhere in my lower abdomen.

Thanks for your continued love and prayers!

One last thing: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

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