Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Visiting the T.O.

We booked our annual trip to Toronto!! We're heading out June 2nd and will return June 9th. John is a little bummed that it's such a short visit (we usually go for 10 days) but we couldn't make it work out to stay longer. We were supposed to go during Spring Break but my IVF interfered with the schedule. That's why we decided to wait a couple of months to do the transfer of the snowbabies until after we get back from this trip. I'm so tired of putting my life on hold due to infertility! Also, traveling invigorates me and helps me to de-stress... I'll be healthy and rested when we return and I'll have a nice, cushy womb for those babies!

Finally some work related news!! I got calls from two of my recruiters yesterday. Seems like the job market might be turning around. Hopefully the companies will like my resume and I'll get some interviews soon. It figures that right when I start letting myself enjoy these few months of freedom that I would get some prospects! I'm not complaining though. This whole experience has proven that I am the type who needs to work... at least until John and I can retire together. It's boring sitting at home alone all day!!

Lastly, I want to wish my brother-in-law, Chris, a very Happy Birthday! We'll see you soon!


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