Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tristan tried out for volleyball yesterday and MADE IT! She was so excited when she called John to tell him! We're so proud of her and thrilled to watch her try out a new sport and make some new friends.

Today I have an interview for an Accountant/Facilities Manager position. This job has a little less room for growth and will not be as stressful than the other one from this week. I think it will be an 8-5 job with very little overtime. The pay is not the greatest but they may have some excellent benefits to make up for it. We'll see I suppose. After that I'm heading down to T-town to go to the beach with my sis!

Fertility News: I talked with a nurse today and got some more information about my newly diagnosed condition. She said Dr. H wants to put me on testosterone to shut my ovaries down and basically put me in a menopausal state! WHAT?!?! I'm going to be in menopause??? Ridiculous! So I asked the nurse to have Dr. H call me sometime in the next two weeks before I start my next period. If she's only doing this b/c of my pain... I can tough it out. I would much rather keep trying. However, if she thinks the adenomyosis is causing my infertility then I will do whatever treatment she sees fit to help me conceive a child! Even if that means weight gain, acne, facial hair growth, insomnia, hot flashes, voice deepening, decreased breast size and increased muscle mass. These are some of the side effects of the drug she wants me to take!!! Here's a little info from Dr. Google on my condition: Adenomyosis is uterine thickening that occurs when endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, moves into the outer muscular walls of the uterus. That doesn't sound too terrible. I've had worse issues so hopefully this will be easily corrected.

I had a fun day with Jess and Emma yesterday. I was exhausted when I got home! Jess actually left for a couple of hours and let me keep Emma by myself for a while. I'll leave you with some cute pics!

Here's a pic of her sharing her duck with me...
And here's a picture of her crawling towards me. She can walk now but she still likes to crawl too. I couldn't get her to take that ring out of her mouth for the pictures!xxoo


  1. Cute pics!!!! Jessica you have a precious little girl. Oh I did the Lupron shot once that put me into Menapause for 6 months. I do not make fun of women with hot flashes anymore. Those things were horrible. Good luck on the interview and have fun at the beach. Oh and congrats to Tristin!!!

  2. Way to go Tristan! And I think it's funny how you said that I "let" you keep Emma for a few hours. As I see it, YOU "let" me go out for a few hours and have a break! Thank you!!!


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