Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm a little nervous but ready to get back to work. The best part is that I'll work a week and then get Monday off for Memorial Day. Then I'll go back for Tuesday and be off Wednesday through the next Wednesday for our Canada trip. Can't beat that!

John and Tristan are having fun in Atlanta on their Daddy/Daughter trip. They went to a play last night but had to leave in the middle of it. The reviews said for 12 and older but apparently it was a little edgier than John wanted. So they left early and went to see Shrek III. They spent the night and are going on a tour of the Coca-Cola plant and museum today. I am so proud of him as a Dad! Tristan is one lucky girl!



  1. Good luck with your first day tomorrow!

  2. Good luck today!
    And John is such a great dad! I hope Tristan appreciates all he does for her! And all you do for her too!


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