Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Dreaded Dr's Appt

I went to visit Jess and Emma this morning while she was throwing a little shindig for her fellow stay-at-home mom friends. It's a little weird to show up to a mommy party when you're not a mommy but the ladies were really nice. Several of them had fertility issues and could relate to my anguish of not being able to conceive. Luckily, they all did end up conceiving so they gave me inspiration!

Fertility News: I have an appt with Dr. H tomorrow morning. I'm so scared of the things that will come out of her mouth. Sometimes they want to put you in faux-menopause for 6 months!! I don't want to wait 6 months to transfer my babies! But I will do what she says. I'm also going to ask her what she thinks my odds are. With every new diagnosis my chances go down that I'll ever give birth! John actually brought up surrogacy last night. He never talks about this stuff! I usually bring it up and he nods his head and says "whatever you want to do." I was so shocked that he brought it up and then googled it. I told him that's not really an option b/c I don't have great eggs. Our next step would be egg donor or embryo adoption. And if my uterus won't hold a child then it may be embryo adoption and surrogacy! I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I'm getting ahead of myself though. We'll wait to see what she says.

Work Related News: The job that was high stress with good money is off the table. My recruiter said he really liked me but was concerned when I told him I wouldn't want to work 80 hours/wk. I told him 50-60 would be fine but I didn't want to work every night until 10pm and then every weekend. So when she said he passed due to my answer I realized that God probably had a hand in that one! I am not an 80 hrs/wk kind of person. I relish my life with my husband and pup too much! The good news is that the other job called me back for a 3rd interview to meet the president of the company! That sounds good to me. I must have done fairly well on that dinosaur of an accounting test yesterday! I'll meet with them Monday at 9:30 so.... maybe this time next week I'll have a job!



  1. I am excited about this job prospect. It seems like a perfect easy job without a ton of overtime. I really think you will be happy! Hoping things work out.

  2. I'm glad you came yesterday! And I'm looking forward to hearing what the doctor says this morning.

  3. I think about you every day and look forward to your blog posts. Chad was like John and just one day was okay at looking at other options. They deal with all of this in their own timing.

  4. 80 hrs a week?! I'm glad he passed on you! God definitely doesn't want you to work that much! HA! Look at you meeting the president! Go JZ! Praying about the doctor's appointment! So pumped about Saturday!

  5. Good luck JZZZZZ!


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