Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Day of Freedom

Yesterday did not go as planned. I didn't get to relax at all! There was cooking, cleaning and worrying! John decided against the chili as I was headed to Target to pick up the ingredients. He realized he wanted sweet potato fries and chicken. He also didn't want a cake but brownies. While I was making the brownies I noticed a long trail of ants from the door to Lexi's food bowl. Ant Emergency! I had to get rid of them, wash Lexi's bowl, spray the door and then vacuum. And since I had to bring the vacuum down anyway... I vacuumed the rest of the downstairs. Then I decided I better mop the whole kitchen... haha! I'm a little crazy sometimes. I can't ever seem to just sit down and chill.

After dinner we went to see Avatar. It's still playing at the dollar theater. It was so good and had such a great message! Of course I cried several times during it but not uncontrollable sobbing. I didn't want to embarrass the hubs too much on his birthday! I just squeaked out a tear here and there.

With my last day of freedom I'm planning to take Lexi for a long walk (I'm going to miss those walks), go see Emma and her Nana, finish some chores, and then go on the scavenger hunt with my new coworkers!

Random Question: Have any of you heard of getting phlebitis from an IV site? If so, what did you (or that person) do for it? I got out of the hospital April 7th and my vein is still swollen, bruised, hard and lumpy. It goes from the top of my wrist to the middle of my forearm. We know there's a blood clot but it's not a life threatening clot like DVT. So far, I have just been applying warm compresses and Aspercream.


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