Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The decision was made and it's Lupron. I do have adenomyosis but it's not as bad as she thought. I have 4 small spots. She wants me to take the Lupron injections for 8 weeks and then come back for bloodwork. If my test is negative then I can start my hormones for the transfer. So... IF I'm cured by this 8 week therapy I will be able to transfer at the end of July or beginning of August! However, if it's still positive I'll have to take another 4 weeks of Lupron and then retest. The medication will put me in a state of menopause so I will have the hot flashes, mood swings and everything else that goes along with it. Let's all pray it works with only 8 weeks! I finally feel like me again and now... more hormones!

Tomorrow is John's birthday! If you see him, give him a hug! :)


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