Monday, May 3, 2010

Off to the Races

The Kentucky Derby was Saturday so Julie and I got in the spirit... literally. While walking her dog we decided we should have a friendly race. We set the distance and Austin screamed, "Ready. Set. Goat!" We both started sprinting with Austin screaming in the background, "I said Goat! I said Goat!" Haha. It's extremely hard to sprint while cackling with laughter. The results: Even though Julie is 3 or 4 inches taller than I am... I smoked her! I was proud of her for finishing the race though. (I think she only kept going b/c she was hoping I would bust my hiney and she could run past me laughing!) I wish I could have gotten a picture!! Thanks for a fun weekend Julie & Phillip!

Work related news: I had a second interview today for the Bookkeeping/Accounting position. My recruiter said I was the first person they asked back for a second interview! Sounds promising. However, I had to take a 7 page written test when I got there. I was scouring my brain for my college days knowledge! The test was written in 1981 so things are very different now. It was pretty tough since I didn't even understand some of the questions!



  1. Congrats on the race and the interview! I can't believe you had to take a 7 page test! When will you hear back? Sounds like you have it in the bag. :) Tell them you can't start until July. haha

  2. I know you Didn't! If you are gonna post you need to tell it like it went down.

    I wassss behind... but that was because I heard the "I said Goat! I said Goat!" while Jaime heard "I said Go..." she thought he was making fun of us for being slow. So I was cackling as hard as I could while she was desperately trying to beat me. I thought we had to start over because of a false start! She didn't apparently. Then to top it all off... I was in flip flops! yes dollar store $1.00 flip flops while Jaime was decked out in her full fledged running shoes! Adidas I believe they were! So I hope everyone is getting a visual! Jaime gloating about winning while beating me in flip flops! Go Jaime! I demand a rematch!


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