Friday, May 14, 2010


I got an offer from the first job yesterday. With that offer came the realization that I will be working next week! My extended vacation from the professional world is over. I am excited to get back to work however, I am a little sad my housewife time has come to an end. It was fun for a while.

The offer was pretty good. It's a relaxed environment with a nice group of people. I still prefer the second job though (as long as they don't work me to death.) They were looking to hire two part-time people at 25-30 hrs/wk. Instead they are interviewing me to do both jobs. Simple math calculates that at 50-60 hrs/wk for one person. Also, I have no idea about their pay range, benefits, or vacation time. That's one of the disadvantages of getting an interview without a recruiter! I have to get this information today because I told the first job I would let her know something by Monday.

I'll let you know after lunch what happens! Please pray that God points me in the right direction!


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  1. Who wouldn't want you?! Congrats! And praying that God leads you in the direction he wants for you!


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