Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ross Bridge Day with My Girls

Guess where I'll be at 11:30?? Getting a massage with my girls at Ross Bridge Resort & Spa. They got me a 50 min massage for my birthday and I am SO EXCITED to use it today!

Then we're heading out to their pool area for a little sun and relaxation!
Tristan's party was good last night. Of course I forgot my camera!! What was I thinking? I'm still waiting on the pictures from Tristan's dance so who knows if I'll get some pictures of the party. IF I do I'll be sure to post. Today John's getting her at around 10 and taking her bowling and out for lunch. Then he's taking her home at around 3 so she can get ready for her date.... yes I said date! Tristan's mom is taking Tristan, Tristan's boyfriend and two other of Tristan's friends out for dinner tonight. I suppose it is considered a group date but still.... she's getting so old! He even got her a little present. So sweet!


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