Sunday, June 6, 2010


I love coming to Canada. I always seem to find a new experience. This trip Kristine and I decided to get pedicures. Nothing new there... I get them quite often in Alabama. However, when we were picking out our color, the little Asian lady asked if we wanted shellacking. I immediately turned to Kris b/c I assumed I heard wrong... shellack? Kris stared at me so apparently she has never heard of this either. We tried and LOVE it! My toenails are so shiny and the lady said they won't chip. It's the newest and hottest trend so it will trickle down to Alabama in a few years. haha. Hopefully sooner than that. It's a special polish that has the shellack in it. She had to use a UV light between the base coat, color coat, 2nd color coat, and top coat so it took a lot longer. But so worth it!

All of the family time is great. I think Mom Z believes we don't eat at home so she has to fatten us up while we're here. It's working! Who wouldn't put on a few lbs with all of these made-from-scratch goodies: chocoloate chip cookies, Christmas cookies, tea cookies, boston cream pie, strawberry pie, ice cream, easter bread, pizza, tiropita, hummus, baba gannoug, pasta salad, and all of the meat you can eat!!! Seriously people!!

I didn't bring my camera cord so I'll have to post a lot of pics when we get back. I have some good ones though... anticipation!



  1. Yay for pictures!! They do this in little ole Alabama already. When I got "gel nails" (like acrylics sort of), they did it! :) I am not sure about the "walk in" places though.

  2. Interesting! I'll have to look into this when I get back if they really end up not chipping! Thanks!


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