Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shot in the Hip

It was that time last night... time to take my next Lupron shot. I am very happy that this Lupron is only one shot monthly rather than daily shots! However, it's the big needle so John had to give it to me. My next Dr. appt is 7/9 to see if my CA-125 is negative. If it is then we will proceed with the transfer. If it's still positive I'll have to take another 4 week long shot on 7/13.

Recently, I have gained a more positive perspective about the fertility issue. I have decided that this will be my last summer without a baby! By next summer I will either be pregnant or already have a child! SO - I'm trying to enjoy every second of my last commitment free summer!

Please say a prayer for Mom and Dad Z today. They are leaving for an 8 week trip to Greece! We are so jealous and hope they have a wonderful vacation!


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