Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup

I'm not sure if any of my American followers know this but the World Cup starts today. John is crazy excited about it! Greece plays tomorrrow morning at 6:30am our time and then USA is at 1:30. We will be at Tristan's softball game during the USA game so John is recording it. If any of you see my husband tomorrow PLEASE do not tell him a score. I think he might lose it!

Now for some promised pictures:
Mark at his T-ball game.

Tristan loves Chris and Stella!

Tristan and Kristine

Julia in her Alabama T-shirt

Rob and Michelle's son - Jack!

Family shot!

John stealing a fly ball from Tristan

The whole group! I hate that this picture didn't turn out very well.

The grandkids.

This picture of Lexi sums up how we feel. Dog tired! It was a wonderful trip and I am already looking forward to next year! Maybe I can talk them into coming down soon...


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